Teradata Cookbook

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  • Understand Teradata's competitive advantage over other RDBMSs.
  • Use SQL to process data stored in Teradata tables.
  • Leverage Teradata’s available application utilities and parallelism to play with large datasets
  • Apply various performance tuning techniques to optimize the queries.
  • Acquire deeper knowledge and understanding of the Teradata Architecture.
  • Easy steps to load, archive, restore data and implement Teradata protection features
  • Gain confidence in running a wide variety of Data analytics and develop applications for the Teradata environment

Teradata is an enterprise software company that develops and sells its eponymous relational database management system (RDBMS), which is considered to be a leading data warehousing solutions and provides data management solutions for analytics. This book will help you get all the practical information you need for the creation and implementation of your data warehousing solution using Teradata.

The book begins with recipes on quickly setting up a development environment so you can work with different types of data structuring and manipulation function. You will tackle all problems related to efficient querying, stored procedure searching, and navigation techniques. Additionally, you’ll master various administrative tasks such as user and security management, workload management, high availability, performance tuning, and monitoring.

This book is designed to take you through the best practices of performing the real daily tasks of a Teradata DBA, and will help you tackle any problem you might encounter in the process.

  • Take your understanding of Teradata to the next level and build efficient data warehousing applications for your organization
  • Covers recipes on data handling, warehousing, advanced querying and the administrative tasks in Teradata.
  • Contains practical solutions to tackle common (and not-so-common) problems you might encounter in your day to day activities
Page Count 454
Course Length 13 hours 37 minutes
ISBN 9781787280786
Date Of Publication 15 Feb 2018


Rajsekhar Bhamidipati

Rajsekhar Bhamidipati has 13 years' industry experience in Teradata and DWH and gained his BTech from BPUT Rourkela. He is working in Pune with Teradata Corp as a Senior Teradata Specialist on Teradata DWH projects. He has been associated with Teradata for more than 8 years and has successfully led multiple projects in various roles, with notable success in service delivery. He leverages Teradata and related technologies in the areas of database administration, workload, performance and cloud.

Abhinav Khandelwal

Abhinav Khandelwal has 11 years of industry experience in BI, analytics, and data warehousing. He gained a BE from GIT Sitapura, Jaipur. He is pursuing his MBA at Welingkar, Mumbai and is currently based in Melbourne. He acts as a senior consultant on BI DWH projects. He has also been in the news for his award-winning projects. For more information, you can refer to his blogs called as anonymously rave and three of kind. Contact him on Twitter at @abhi_khandu.