Tabular Modeling with SQL Server 2016 Analysis Services Cookbook

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  • Learn all about Tabular services mode and how it speeds up development
  • Build solutions using sample datasets
  • Explore built-in actions and transitions in SSAS 2016
  • Implement row-column, and role-based security in a Tabular Data model
  • Realize the benefits of in-memory and DirectQuery deployment modes
  • Get up to date with the new features added to SQL Server 2016 Analysis Services
  • Optimize Data Models and Relationships Usage

SQL Server Analysis Service (SSAS) has been widely used across multiple businesses to build smart online analytical reporting solutions. It includes two different types of modeling for analysis services: Tabular and Multi Dimensional. This book covers Tabular modeling, which uses tables and relationships with a fast in-memory engine to provide state of the art compression algorithms and query performance.

The book begins by quickly taking you through the concepts required to model tabular data and set up the necessary tools and services. As you learn to create tabular models using tools such as Excel and Power View, you’ll be shown various strategies to deploy your model on the server and choose a query mode (In-memory or DirectQuery) that best suits your reporting needs.

You’ll also learn how to implement key and newly introduced DAX functions to create calculated columns and measures for your model data. Last but not least, you’ll be shown techniques that will help you administer and secure your BI implementation along with some widely used tips and tricks to optimize your reporting solution.

By the end of this book, you’ll have gained hands-on experience with the powerful new features that have been added to Tabular models in SSAS 2016 and you’ll be able to improve user satisfaction with faster reports and analytical queries.

  • Build and deploy Tabular Model projects from relational data sources
  • Leverage DAX and create high-performing calculated fields and measures
  • Create ad-hoc reports based on a Tabular Model solution
  • Useful tips to monitor and optimize your tabular solutions
Page Count 372
Course Length 11 hours 9 minutes
ISBN 9781786468611
Date Of Publication 30 Jan 2017


Derek Wilson

Derek Wilson is a data management, business intelligence and predictive analytics practitioner. He has been working with Microsoft SQL Server since version 6.5 and with Analysis Services since its initial version. In his current role he responsible for the overall architecture, strategy, and delivery of Business Intelligence, analytics, and predictive solutions. In this role, he is focused on transforming how companies leverage data to gain new insights about their customers and operations to drive revenue and decrease expenses. He has over 17 years of experience in information technology leading and driving architectural solutions across enterprises. Over his career, he has been part of IT services, business units, and consulting organizations, which provides him with a unique perspective on how to communicate the value of technology to business leaders. He is a local chapter leader for the Houston SQL PASS Organization. You can connect with him on his blog at or