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Tableau Data Visualization Cookbook

Ashutosh Nandeshwar

Over 70 recipes for creating visual stories with your data using Tableau
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849689786
Paperback172 pages

About This Book

  • Quickly create impressive and effective graphics which would usually take hours in other tools
  • Lots of illustrations to keep you on track
  • Includes examples that apply to a general audience

Who This Book Is For

You’ll gain the most from this book if you have basic understanding of various chart types and of their importance. Knowing when to employ a certain graphic will be equally useful. This book will get you up to speed if you just started using Tableau. You’ll find this book useful if you spend a lot of time conducting data analysis and creating reports.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Connecting to Data Sources
Connecting to text files
Connecting to Excel files
Connecting to Access databases
Connecting to a SQL Server
Pasting from a clipboard
Connecting to other databases
Connecting to Windows Azure Marketplace
Understanding dimensions and measures
Changing data types
Applying filters
Merging multiple data sources
Chapter 2: Creating Univariate Charts
Creating tables
Creating bar graphs
Creating pie charts
Sorting the graphs
Creating histograms
Creating line charts
Using the Show Me toolbar
Creating stacked bar graphs
Creating box plots
Showing aggregate measures
Showing the top 10 items
Chapter 3: Creating Bivariate Charts
Creating tables
Creating scatter plots
Swapping rows and columns
Adding trend lines
Selecting color palettes
Using dates
Chapter 4: Creating Multivariate Charts
Creating facets
Creating area charts
Creating bullet graphs
Creating dual axes charts
Creating Gantt charts
Creating heat maps
Chapter 5: Creating Maps
Setting geographic roles
Placing marks on a map
Overlaying demographic data
Creating choropleth maps
Using polygon shapes
Customizing maps
Chapter 6: Calculating User-defined Fields
Using predefined functions
Calculating percentages
Applying the If-Then logic
Applying logical functions
Showing totals
Showing the percentage of totals
Discretizing data
Manipulating text
Aggregating data
Chapter 7: Customizing and Saving
Adding title and caption
Modifying font sizes and colors
Applying various marks
Adding colors
Adding labels
Changing marks sizes
Adding reference lines
Printing to PDF
Saving packaged workbooks
Creating a workbook data extract
Chapter 8: Exporting and Sharing
Saving a workbook on a Tableau server
Saving a workbook on the Web
Exporting images
Exporting data
Chapter 9: Exploring Advanced Features
Viewing data
Changing the mark size
Using the presentation mode
Adding annotations
Excluding data on the fly
Customizing mark shapes
Adding drop-down selectors
Adding search box selectors
Adding slider selectors
Creating dashboards
Creating animated visualizations
Creating parameters

What You Will Learn

  • Forecast with trend lines
  • Manipulate and transform data
  • Import data from various sources
  • Create filled maps and use any shape file
  • Share your work easily
  • Create dashboards and scorecards
  • Format and finish the graphic
  • Observe statistical distributions

In Detail

You know the feeling when you are asked to change or add a certain data point in your graph at the last minute. Usually, you have to scramble to complete the project and risk accuracy; this is not so with Tableau, however. Tableau is a revolutionary toolkit that lets you simply and effectively create high quality data visualizations.

"Tableau Data Visualization Cookbook" will show you the exact steps required to generate simple to complex graphics. Whether they are pie charts or box plots, you can create such graphics with ease and confidence; no more searching for scripts or laborious Excel hacks. This book will help you make the most of Tableau and show you how to finish your projects quicker using this toolkit.
In this book you’ll start with getting your data into Tableau, move onto generating progressively complex graphics, and end with the finishing touches and packaging your work for distribution.

This book is filled with practical recipes to help you create filled maps, use custom markers, add slider selectors, and create dashboards. You will learn how to manipulate data in various ways by applying various filters, logic, and calculating various aggregate measures. Then, we will create animated graphs and provide search box and drop-down selectors to users. This book will help you to create stunning graphics in very short amount of time.

If you want to effortlessly create beautiful visualizations of data then "Tableau Data Visualization Cookbook" is for you!


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