Tableau Data Stories for Everyone [Video]

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  • Tell your story using interactive dashboards in Tableau
  • Set up the proper backend to ensure you are visualizing the right data
  • Connect to and join different data sources to visualize data
  • Create different types of graphs that can be used to visualize data
  • Master mapping techniques in Tableau
  • Create interactive dashboards based on user input
  • Use Machine Learning techniques with Tableau
  • Connect multiple dashboards in Tableau

Do you wish you could use data to tell stories, change minds, and make better decisions?

This course will show how YOU can use Tableau to find the powerful story within your data, and present it clearly and effectively. Tableau has emerged as a clear leader in data visualization.

This course will help you create and deploy meaningful and visually appealing dashboards. This course walks you through the fundamentals of Tableau, helping you hone your skills, and helps you understand trends and forecast future predictions. The course will guide you all the way from connecting to a data source to building an interactive dashboard that can illustrate datasets based on user input, and show you how to interact and define specific fields that cater to your visualization without altering the original dataset. You will then learn to build a fully customizable interactive dashboard with advanced Tableau features such as trendlines, the Analytics Pane, and geocoded locations. Later, you will put all your sheets in one place and have them interact with each other based on user input.

Finally, by the end of the course, you will be able to tell your own story using interactive dashboards in Tableau.

Style and Approach

A comprehensive course packed with step-by-step instructions and helpful advice on telling your own story using interactive dashboards in Tableau. This course is divided into clear chunks so you can learn at your own pace and focus on your own areas of interest.

  • A comprehensive and friendly guide to telling your story and changing the world with Tableau. 
  • Covers the latest techniques and versions of Tableau. 
  • Personalize your dashboard with Tableau to present your data.
Course Length 3 hours 47 minutes
ISBN 9781789139815
Date Of Publication 30 Aug 2018


Fabio Fierro

Business D Consulting is ideally a joint venture between a Tech Company and a Business Consultancy Firm. We are Economics and Management experts who have been facilitated by the release of modern business intelligence tools to deliver end to end Business Intelligence solutions with a huge automation and a low requirement for manual intervention. Whether you are an enterprise that is already using business intelligence solutions , or an organisation starting to explore the possibilities, we can assist you by providing simple, practical & affordable Business Intelligence & Data Management solutions to ensure a seamless flow of your business processes.As a business analyst, he enjoys creating innovative solutions to analyze any kind of data. His experience lies in exposing business insights to help clients improve their decision-making process. Since the start of his career, he has been passionate about creating interactive data visualizations. He enjoys creating visual stories that allow clients to ask questions and get immediate answers to inform their project goals is specializes in big data analytics, project management, and strategy, but his passion for new challenges has always spurred him to help major brands to better understand and implement their decision-making process and strategy. Storytelling with data is an increment to the analytics pipeline, where insights are delivered via compelling stories that range from traditional reports and dashboards to professionally designed magazines and documentary style films. His most valuable skill in this area is his ability to bring data to life and drive action through his storytelling, data visualization, and presentation skills in order to facilitate communication, generate ideas, and create answers to complex topics. He's a communicator and a storyteller.

Fabio Fierro is a Chief consultant of a group of Tableau experts and storytellers. He has several years’ experience in delivering end-to-end business intelligence solution within the corporate world. In today's competitive job market, you need the ability to accurately interpret and display vast amounts of data to efficiently unearth key insights and inform decision-makers. Data fluency is a must-have skill set in today’s digital workplace. Success starts with knowing how to find the meaning in every dataset – regardless of its size or format. As a business analyst, he enjoys creating innovative solutions to analyse any kind of data.

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