Tableau 10 Business Intelligence Solutions - Volume 1 [Video]

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  • Become familiar with the Tableau interface
  • Increase your confidence and competence in creating rich, interactive visualizations in Tableau
  • Prepare your data using different strategies
  • Leverage the blend and join features in Tableau 10 for creating powerful data sets [*]Build basic charts taking the first steps in data analysis
  • Create advanced charts increasing your capability to work with complex data in a quick and efficient way

Tableau is a software tool that can speed up data analysis, through its rich visualization capabilities, and help uncover insights for better and smarter decision making. This tutorial is for business, technology, data, and analytics professionals who use and analyze data and data-driven approaches to support business operations and strategic initiatives in their organizations.

This video series provides easy-to-follow examples to get you up-and-running with Tableau 10 and covers basic–to-advanced use cases and scenarios. You will start by preparing data using different strategies and move on to build basic charts and then more complex charts by incorporating different Tableau features and interactivity components.

By the end of this highly intuitive and practical video, you'll have gained the confidence and competence to analyze data more efficiently and effectively, by creating compelling interactive data and charts in Tableau

Style and Approach

This course is a collection of videos that cover a wide range of options for data visualization with Tableau. With this course, you can explore Tableau and pick the business intelligence solution that's most suitable for your needs.

  • Learn your favorite Tableau 10 business intelligence know-hows with the help of this easy-to-follow tutorial
  • Prepare your data for analysis and create basic as well as advanced charts in Tableau
  • This rich collection of solutions covers everything needed to become a Tableau power user and get an edge over others
Course Length 2 hours 45 minutes
ISBN 9781787121218
Date Of Publication 28 Feb 2017


Donabel Santos

Donabel Santos is a self-confessed data geek. She loves working with data, writing queries, and developing reports on her SQL Server databases, and exploring and visualizing data with Tableau.

She is the principal and senior business intelligence architect at QueryWorks Solutions, a Tableau Learning and Alliance partner in Vancouver, BC, Canada, providing consulting and training services. She has spent years in consulting and has developed a variety of solutions for clients in different verticals—finance, manufacturing, healthcare, legal, higher education, and local government.

Donabel is a multi-year Microsoft Data Platform MVP (previously known as SQL Server MVP) and has extensive experience in the SQL server in different areas, such as development, administration, data warehouse, reporting (SSRS), tuning, troubleshooting, XML, CLR, and integration with ERPs and CRMs using PowerShell, C#, SSIS, and Power BI.

One of Donabel's passions is teaching and sharing her love for data. She is a Tableau Certified Professional and a Tableau accredited trainer, delivering Tableau public and on-site client training. She is also the lead instructor for a number of courses at British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), including Applied Database Administration and Design (ADAD) and Applied Data Analytics (ADA) programs. She teaches SQL server administration, development, integration (SSIS), data warehouse foundations, and visual analytics with Tableau.

Donabel has also authored three other books with Packt Publishing: SQL Server 2012 with PowerShell V3 Cookbook, PowerShell for SQL Server Essentials, and SQL Server 2014 with PowerShell V5 Cookbook. She also contributed a chapter to Manning Publications' PowerShell Deep Dives.