SQL Server 2017 Administrator's Guide

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  • Learn about the new features of SQL Server 2017 and how to implement them
  • Build a stable and fast SQL Server environment
  • Fix performance issues by optimizing queries and making use of indexes
  • Perform a health check of an existing troublesome database environment
  • Design and use an optimal database management strategy
  • Implement efficient backup and recovery techniques in-line with security policies
  • Combine SQL Server 2017 and Azure and manage your solution by various automation techniques Perform data migration, cluster upgradation and server consolidation

Take advantage of the real power of SQL Server 2017 with all its new features, in addition to covering core database administration tasks. This book will give you a competitive advantage by helping you quickly learn how to design, manage, and secure your database solution.

You will learn how to set up your SQL Server and configure new (and existing) environments for optimal use. After covering the designing aspect, the book delves into performance-tuning aspects by teaching you how to effectively use indexes. The book will also teach you about certain choices that need to be made about backups and how to implement a rock-solid security policy and keep your environment healthy. Finally, you will learn about the techniques you should use when things go wrong, and other important topics - such as migration, upgrading, and consolidation - are covered in detail. Integration with Azure is also covered in depth.

Whether you are an administrator or thinking about entering the field, this book will provide you with all the skills you need to successfully create, design, and deploy databases using SQL Server 2017.

  • Master the required skills to successfully set up, administer, and maintain your SQL Server 2017 database solution
  • Design and configure, manage, and secure a rock-solid SQL server
  • Comprehensive guide in keeping your SQL server disaster proof and all-time availability
Page Count 434
Course Length 13 hours 1 minutes
ISBN 9781786462541
Date Of Publication 12 Dec 2017


Marek Chmel

Marek Chmel is an IT consultant and trainer with more than 10 years' experience. He is a frequent speaker, focusing on Microsoft SQL Server, Azure, and security topics. Marek writes for Microsoft's TechnetCZSK blog and has been an MVP: Data Platform since 2012. He has earned numerous certifications, including MCSE: Data Management and Analytics, EC Council Certified Ethical Hacker, and several eLearnSecurity certifications. Marek earned his MSc (business and informatics) degree from Nottingham Trent University. He started his career as a trainer for Microsoft server courses. Later, he joined AT&T, as a principal database administrator specializing in MSSQL Server, Data Platform, and Machine Learning.

Vladimír Mužný

Vladimír Mužný has been a freelance IT consultant, developer, and Microsoft data platform trainer since 2000. He is also a frequent speaker on local events in Czech Republic and Slovakia. His most favorite topics are not only MS SQL Server, but also data integration, data science or NoSQL topics. During his career, Vladimír has earned certifications such as MCSE: Data Management and Analytics, MVP: Data Platform and MCT. Nowadays, Vladimír is a data science enthusiast and works on data migration/integration projects also with output to machine learning models.