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  • Create Scala web applications that couple with JavaScript libraries such as D3 to create compelling interactive visualizations
  • Deploy scalable parallel applications using Apache Spark, loading data from HDFS or Hive
  • Solve big data problems with Scala parallel collections, Akka actors, and Apache Spark clusters
  • Apply key learning strategies to perform technical analysis of financial markets
  • Understand the principles of supervised and unsupervised learning in machine learning
  • Work with unstructured data and serialize it using Kryo, Protobuf, Avro, and AvroParquet
  • Construct reliable and robust data pipelines and manage data in a data-driven enterprise
  • Implement scalable model monitoring and alerts with Scala

This Learning Path aims to put the entire world of machine learning with Scala in front of you.

Scala for Data Science, the first module in this course, is a tutorial guide that provides tutorials on some of the most common Scala libraries for data science, allowing you to quickly get up to speed building data science and data engineering solutions.

The second course, Scala for Machine Learning guides you through the process of building AI applications with diagrams, formal mathematical notation, source code snippets, and useful tips. A review of the Akka framework and Apache Spark clusters concludes the tutorial.

The next module, Mastering Scala Machine Learning, is the final step in this course. It will take your knowledge to next level and help you use the knowledge to build advanced applications such as social media mining, intelligent news portals, and more. After a quick refresher on functional programming concepts using REPL, you will see some practical examples of setting up the development environment and tinkering with data. We will then explore working with Spark and MLlib using k-means and decision trees.

By the end of this course, you will be a master at Scala machine learning and have enough expertise to be able to build complex machine learning projects using Scala.

This Learning Path combines some of the best that Packt has to offer in one complete, curated package. It includes content from the following Packt products:

  • Scala for Data Science, Pascal Bugnion
  • Scala for Machine Learning, Patrick Nicolas
  • Mastering Scala Machine Learning, Alex Kozlov
  • Build functional, type-safe routines to interact with relational and NoSQL databases with the help of the tutorials and examples provided
  • Leverage your expertise in Scala programming to create and customize your own scalable machine learning algorithms
  • Experiment with different techniques; evaluate their benefits and limitations using real-world financial applications
  • Get to know the best practices to incorporate new Big Data machine learning in your data-driven enterprise and gain future scalability and maintainability
Page Count 1265
Course Length 37 hours 57 minutes
ISBN 9781787124554
Date Of Publication 23 Feb 2017


Pascal Bugnion

Pascal Bugnion is a data engineer at the ASI, a consultancy offering bespoke data science services. Previously, he was the head of data engineering at SCL Elections. He holds a PhD in computational physics from Cambridge University.

Besides Scala, Pascal is a keen Python developer. He has contributed to NumPy, matplotlib and IPython. He also maintains scikit-monaco, an open source library for Monte Carlo integration. He currently lives in London, UK.

Patrick R. Nicolas

Patrick R. Nicolas is the director of engineering at Agile SDE, California. He has more than 25 years of experience in software engineering and building applications in C++, Java, and more recently in Scala/Spark, and has held several managerial positions. His interests include real-time analytics, modeling, and the development of nonlinear models.

Alex Kozlov

Alex Kozlov is a multidisciplinary big data scientist. He came to Silicon Valley in 1991, got his Ph.D. from Stanford University under the supervision of Prof. Daphne Koller and Prof. John Hennessy in 1998, and has been around a few computer and data management companies since. His latest stint was with Cloudera, the leader in Hadoop, where he was one of the early employees and ended up heading the solution architects group on the West Coast. Before that, he spent time with an online advertising company, Turn, Inc.; and before that, he had the privilege to work with HP Labs researchers at HP Inc., and on data mining software at SGI, Inc. Currently, Alexander is the chief solutions architect at an enterprise security startup, E8 Security, where he came to understand the intricacies of catching bad guys in the Internet universe.

On the non-professional side, Alexander lives in Sunnyvale, CA, together with his beautiful wife, Oxana, and other important family members, including three daughters, Lana, Nika, and Anna, and a cat and dog. His family also included a hamster and a fish at one point.

Alex is an active participant in Silicon Valley technology groups and meetups, and although he is not an official committer of any open source projects, he definitely contributed to many of them in the form of code or discussions. Alexander is an active coder and publishes his open source code at Other information can be looked up on his LinkedIn page at