SAP BusinessObjects Reporting Cookbook

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  • Master advanced report building techniques using SAP BusinessObjects
  • Discover tools to work efficiently in a BI environment
  • Learn using real scenarios, varied examples, and systematic execution of the solutions
  • Build variables and formulas to enhance the report calculation functionality such as if-then statements
  • Use drill-down and drill-through tasks to perform detailed analysis
  • Filter data using simple and advanced filters and advanced features such as input controls

This book will educate you on the best practices in SAP BusinessObjects reporting and analysis, including how to create enhanced report formatting and synchronize data sources in simple and easy ways.

The book starts by introducing a working Web Intelligence environment and its capabilities. Next, it moves on to creating queries, working with the formatting components, and explaining how to work with different types of data presentation such as tables and charts. The book then guides you through the main report functionality such as using filters, sorts, and calculations; merging data; and using formulas. The book also explains how to work with advanced features such as drills and hyperlinks.

This book will take you from the most basic level of how to build a query and elementary concepts such as the nature of data to the most advanced and updated reporting and formatting techniques.

  • Discover how to master different business solutions which will help you deliver high quality reports to your organization and clients.
  • Work efficiently in a BI environment while keeping your data accurate, secured, and easily shared.
  • Learn how to build and format reports that will enable you to get the most useful insights from your data


Page Count 380
Course Length 11 hours 24 minutes
ISBN 9781782172437
Date Of Publication 25 Aug 2014


Yoav Yahav

Yoav Yahav is a BI consultant and a SAP BI expert with more than 13 years of experience in data warehouse projects and SAP BI consulting and training.

He has led numerous projects of SAP BusinessObjects implementation, from the server-side architecture through developing universes, reports, dashboards, and security.

In his projects, he implements the best practices approach while focusing on several main objectives: short time to delivery, self-service BI community, and following the most updated and advanced BI trends.

He also has rich international experience in SAP BusinessObjects training, specializing in the core SAP BusinessObjects modules. You can find his BI blog at