Redis Applied Design Patterns

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  • Get introduced to the NoSQL way of thinking
  • Use pub/sub to implement a notification system
  • Explore various data structures in Redis including HyperLogLog
  • Understand simple use cases such as the cache management system
  • Use Redis in analytics and real-time tracking
  • Implement a leaderboard in gaming using sorted sets
  • Implement a commenting system using Redis and code samples

With new data stores making their way onto the market, it's necessary for businesses to understand the features and techniques to use data stores most effectively. Redis Applied Design Patterns is designed to guide you into the world of Redis and will help you understand how business problems can be solved using Redis in your application stack.

This book introduces you to the NoSQL way of thinking and how it is different from SQL. It helps you understand various functionality of Redis through a series of use cases designed for you to learn the more complex and less well-known features of Redis in an incremental way. By the time you've read this book, you will be capable of designing a system using Redis. This book will guide you through various use cases along with code samples, easy-to-understand diagrams, and tips to help you take advantage of Redis. The book explains the benefits of adding Redis to the application stack and discusses various practical use cases for Redis such as the caching system, commenting system, and social networking.

  • Explore and understand the design patterns of Redis through a wide array of practical use cases
  • Learn about different data structures and the latest additions to Redis
  • A practical guide packed with useful tips to help you use patterns in your application
Page Count 100
Course Length 3 hours 0 minutes
ISBN 9781783286713
Date Of Publication 22 Sep 2014


Arun Chinnachamy

Arun Chinnachamy is a developer and systems architect who focuses on building software applications. He is a multifaceted programmer who has gained experience in multiple technologies and programming languages over the years, ranging from ADA and C# to PHP.

Currently, he works as the technology head at MySmartPrice, one of the leading online shopping discovery platforms in India.