R Data Visualization Cookbook

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  • Generate various plots in R using the basic R plotting techniques
  • Utilize R packages to add context and meaning to your data
  • Design interactive visualizations and integrate them on your website or blog
  • Communicate using visualization techniques, optimal for the underlying data being used as input
  • Create presentations and learn the basics of creating apps in R for your audience
  • Introduce users to basic R functions and data manipulation techniques while creating meaningful visualizations
  • Add elements, text, animation, and colors to your plot to make sense of data

R is an open source language for data analysis and graphics. It is platform-independent and allows users to load various packages as well as develop their own packages to interpret data better.

This book is packed with practical recipes, designed to provide you with all the guidance needed to get to grips with data visualization with R. It starts off with the basics of R plots and an introduction to heat maps and customizing them, before gradually taking you through creating interactive maps using the googleVis package, generating choropleth maps and contouring maps, bubble plots, and pie charts. You will then learn how to animate 2D and 3D plots in R. By the end of the book, you will be equipped with the key techniques to create impressive data visualizations with professional efficiency and precision.

  • Create animated and interactive plots to help you communicate and explore data
  • Utilize various R packages to generate graphs, manipulate data, and create beautiful presentations
  • Learn to interpret data and tell a story using this step-by-step guide to data visualization
Page Count 236
Course Length 7 hours 4 minutes
ISBN 9781783989508
Date Of Publication 29 Jan 2015


Atmajitsinh Gohil