PostgreSQL 9 Administration Cookbook LITE: Configuration, Monitoring and Maintenance

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  • Change parameters in your system and find out how that will affect the rest of your database
  • Summaries to help DBAs with experience of other database systems
  • Monitor your users so that you can see whether they are connected, what they are running, and whether their account has become blocked
  • Identify temporary data and the effect that it has on your system
  • Advanced technical tips and scripts for experienced users
  • Control the automatic database maintenance program
  • Identify and fix bloated tables and indexes
  • How and when to VACUUM your databases

PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source, enterprise database.

This PostgreSQL 9 Administration Cookbook LITE book describes key aspects of the PostgreSQL open source database system. The book will help a sysadmin or DBA with key administration issues in PostgreSQL: configuration, monitoring and diagnosis, and setting up regular maintenance. This hands-on guide will assist developers working on live databases supporting web or enterprise software applications.

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  • Administer and maintain a healthy database
  • Configure your PostgreSQL database to your needs
  • Monitor your database and learn to diagnose any problems
  • Part of Packt's Cookbook series: Each recipe is a carefully organized sequence of instructions to complete the task as efficiently as possible
Page Count 88
Course Length 2 hours 38 minutes
ISBN 9781849516426
Date Of Publication 12 May 2011


Simon Riggs

Simon Riggs is the CTO of 2ndQuadrant, having contributed to PostgreSQL as a major developer and committer for 14 years. He has written and designed features for replication, performance, BI, management, and security. Under his guidance, 2ndQuadrant is now a leading developer of open source PostgreSQL, serving hundreds of clients in USA, Europe, and worldwide. Simon is a frequent speaker at many conferences on PostgreSQL Futures. He has worked as a database architect for 30 years.

Hannu Krosing

Hannu Krosing is a principal consultant at 2ndQuadrant and a technical advisor at Ambient Sound Investments. As the original database architect at Skype Technologies, he was responsible for designing the SkyTools suite of replication and scalability technology. He has worked with and contributed to the PostgreSQL project for more than 12 years.