PostgreSQL 11 Server Side Programming Quick Start Guide

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  • Explore data encapsulation
  • Write stored procedures in different languages
  • Interact with transactions from within a function
  • Get to grips with triggers and rules
  • Create and manage custom data types
  • Create extensions to package code and data
  • Implement background workers and Inter-Process Communication (IPC)
  • How to deal with foreign languages, in particular Java and Perl

PostgreSQL is a rock-solid, scalable, and safe enterprise-level relational database. With a broad range of features and stability, it is ever increasing in popularity.This book shows you how to take advantage of PostgreSQL 11 features for server-side programming. Server-side programming enables strong data encapsulation and coherence.

The book begins with the importance of server-side programming and explains the risks of leaving all the checks outside the database. To build your capabilities further, you will learn how to write stored procedures, both functions and the new PostgreSQL 11 procedures, and create triggers to perform encapsulation and maintain data consistency.

You will also learn how to produce extensions, the easiest way to package your programs for easy and solid deployment on different PostgreSQL installations.

  • Learn the concepts of PostgreSQL 11 with lots of real-world datasets and examples
  • Learn queries, data replication, and database performance
  • Extend the functionalities of your PostgreSQL instance to suit your organizational needs
Page Count 260
Course Length 7 hours 48 minutes
ISBN 9781789342222
Date Of Publication 29 Nov 2018


Luca Ferrari

Luca has been passionate about computer science since the Commodore 64 era, and today holds a master's degree (with honors) and a PhD from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. He has written several research papers, technical articles, and book chapters. In 2011, he was named Adjunct Professor by the University of Nipissing. An avid Unix user, he is a strong advocate of open source, and in his free time he collaborates with a few projects. He met PostgreSQL back in release 7.3; he was a founder and former president of the Italian PostgreSQL Community (ITPUG), he talks regularly at technical conferences and events, and delivers professional training. In his teenage years, he was quite a proficient archer. He lives in Italy with his beautiful wife, son, and two (female) cats.