Pentaho Business Analytics Cookbook

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  • Familiarize you with the Pentaho User Console along with user and administrative tasks
  • Define data sources and get data from any Pentaho source
  • Build analysis easily with OLAP and the Pentaho Analyzer
  • Look into Pentaho Mobile App and see how easy it is to use the platform from a mobile device
  • Design complex but effective reports with Pentaho Report Designer
  • Hack the platform to customize the look and feel of the portal, add new functionalities, and integrate third-party web applications

Pentaho Business Analytics 5 is a complete open source business intelligence suite, providing data integration, OLAP, reporting, data visualization, and data mining features.  Pentaho Business Analytics Cookbook provides you with a valuable and detailed set of recipes that illustrate all the features of Pentaho Business Analytics 5, the new version of the popular BI platform. The book provides clear illustrations and simple examples, helping you learn the core topics visually.

  • Gain insight into developing reports, cubes, and data visualizations quickly with Pentaho
  • Provides an overview of Pentaho’s mobile features
  • Improve your knowledge of Pentaho User Console including tips on how to extend and customize it
Page Count 392
Course Length 11 hours 45 minutes
ISBN 9781783289356
Date Of Publication 24 Jun 2014


Sergio Ramazzina

Sergio Ramazzina is an experienced software architect/trainer with more than 25 years of experience in the IT field. He has worked on a broad number of projects for banks and major Italian companies and has designed complex enterprise solutions in Java, JavaEE, and Ruby. He started using Pentaho products from the very beginning in late 2003. He gained thorough experience by deploying Pentaho as an open source BI solution, standalone or deeply integrated in other applications as the analytical engine of choice.

In 2009, due to his experience in the Java/JavaEE world and appreciation for the open source world and its main ideas, he began participating actively as a contributor to some of the Pentaho projects such as JPivot, Saiku, CDF, and CDA and rose to the Pentaho Active Contributor level. At that time, he started participating as a BI architect and Pentaho expert on a wide number of projects where open source BI and Pentaho were the main players. In late 2010, he founded Serasoft, a young Italian consulting firm that specializes in delivering high value open source Business Intelligence solutions. With the team in Serasoft, he shared his passion and experience in designing and delivering highly innovative enterprise solutions to help users make their work more effective. In July 2013, he published his first book, Instant Pentaho Data Integration Kitchen, Packt Publishing. He is also passionate about skiing, tennis, and photography, and he loves his young daughter, Camilla, very much.

You can follow him on Twitter at @sramazzina. You can also look at his profile on LinkedIn at