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Oracle Goldengate 11g Complete Cookbook

Ankur Gupta

Dig deep into administering Oracle Goldengate 11g using this comprehensive cookbook. From the very basics of installation to advanced features like migration, you’ll learn the practical way through code scripts and examples.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849686143
Paperback362 pages

About This Book

  • Various recipes that will help you to set up Goldengate in various environments
  • Practical examples of Goldengate management tasks
  • Step by step instructions with various examples and scripts

Who This Book Is For

Oracle Goldengate 11g Complete Cookbook is aimed at Database Administrators, Architects, and Middleware Administrators who are keen to know more about Oracle Goldengate. Whether you are handling Goldengate environments on a day-to-day basis, or using it just for migration, this book provides the necessary information required to successfully complete your administration tasks. The reader is expected to have some knowledge of Oracle databases.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Installation and Initial Setup
Installing Oracle GoldenGate in a x86_64 Linux-based environment
Installing Oracle GoldenGate in a Windows environment
Enabling supplemental logging in the source database
Supported datatypes in Oracle GoldenGate
Preparing the source database for GoldenGate setup
Preparing the target database for GoldenGate setup
Setting up a Manager process
Setting up a Classic Capture Extract process
Setting up an Integrated Capture Extract process
Setting up a Datapump process
Setting up a Replicat process
Chapter 2: Setting up GoldenGate Replication
Setting up a simple GoldenGate replication configuration between two single node databases
Setting up a GoldenGate replication with multiple process groups
Configuring an Extract process to read from an Oracle ASM instance
Setting up a GoldenGate replication between Oracle RAC databases
Determining the size of trail file areas
Verifying the data transfer on the target system
Generating encryption keys
Encrypting database user passwords
Encrypting the trail files
Setting up a GoldenGate replication between tables with different structures using defgen
Chapter 3: DDL Replication and Initial Load
Performing an initial setup required for GoldenGate DDL replication
Setting up a GoldenGate DDL replication and verifying the changes
Performing an initial load using GoldenGate
Performing an initial load using an extract file to the GoldenGate's replicat method
Loading data using trail files to the Replicat process method
Loading data with files to the database utility method
Loading data with the GoldenGate direct load method
Loading data with bulk load to the SQL loader method
Chapter 4: Mapping and Manipulating Data
Setting up a GoldenGate replication with mapping between different columns
Adding custom fields for a replicated record using tokens
Adding custom fields to a replicated record using SQLEXEC
Filtering the records using the FILTER and WHERE clause
Mapping the changes to a target table and storing the transaction history in a history table
Creating a GoldenGate configuration to run a Shell script when an end-of-day processing record is replicated
Creating an exception handler to record the erroneous transactions in a GoldenGate configuration
Chapter 5: Oracle GoldenGate High Availability
Choosing a GoldenGate high availability option
Creating a highly available GoldenGate configuration using Oracle Clusterware and ACFS
Creating a highly available GoldenGate configuration using Oracle Clusterware and OCFS2
Creating a highly available GoldenGate configuration using Oracle Clusterware and DBFS
Manually switching over Oracle Clusterware-based configuration to the other node
Automatic failover of a DBFS-based configuration
Creating a set of parallel load balanced, highly available GoldenGate configurations using Oracle Clusterware and DBFS
Chapter 6: Monitoring, Tuning, and Troubleshooting GoldenGate
Steps to configure a BATCHSQL mode
Splitting the replication load into multiple process groups for optimal performance
Optimizing the network settings for a GoldenGate configuration
Performing a healthcheck of a live GoldenGate configuration
Script to perform a regular scheduled healthcheck of a live GoldenGate configuration
Steps to measure throughput of a GoldenGate configuration
Steps to re-instantiate a failed GoldenGate configuration
Steps to implement a Heartbeat mechanism for the GoldenGate replication
Chapter 7: Advanced Administration Tasks – I
Upgrading Oracle GoldenGate binaries
Table structure changes in GoldenGate environments with similar table definitions
Table structure changes in GoldenGate environments with different table definitions
Resolving GoldenGate errors using the logdump utility
Undoing the applied changes using the reverse utility
Creating an Integrated Capture with a downstream database for compressed tables
Chapter 8: Advanced Administration Tasks – Part II
Creating a GoldenGate configuration with a consistent state behind the target database
Replicating data from an active standby database in Archivelog mode only
Migrating from an Oracle Streams environment to Oracle GoldenGate
GoldenGate Administration role separation from the DBA team
Cross RDBMS replication using GoldenGate
Creating a multimaster GoldenGate replication configuration
Chapter 9: GoldenGate Veridata, Director, and Monitor
Setting up the Oracle GoldenGate Monitor server
Setting up Oracle GoldenGate Monitor Agents
Installing Oracle GoldenGate Director
Installing and using Oracle GoldenGate Director Client to manage the GoldenGate instances
Steps to set up the GoldenGate monitoring using OEM 12c
Steps to install Oracle GoldenGate Veridata
Steps to compare data between the source and target environment using Oracle GoldenGate Veridata

What You Will Learn

  • Configure DML and DDL Goldengate replication
  • Tune and Troubleshoot Goldengate replication
  • Cross Platform replication using Goldengate
  • Monitor Goldengate Replication using OEM 12c
  • What to do when GoldenGate replication breaks
  • Reverse changes applied by Goldengate
  • High Availability Setup for Goldengate
  • Learn about GoldenGate Veridata and GoldenGate Director
  • Migrate Oracle Streams environment to Goldengate

In Detail

Oracle Goldengate 11g Complete Cookbook is your complete guide to all aspects of Goldengate administration. The recipes in this book will teach you how to setup Goldengate configurations for simple and complex environments requiring various filtering and transformations. It also covers various aspects of tuning and troubleshooting the replication setups using exception handling, custom fields, and logdump utility.

The book begins by explaining some basic tasks like Installation and Process groups setup. You will then be introduced to some further topics including DDL replication and various options to perform Initial Loads. You will then learn some advanced administration tasks such as Multi Master replication setup and conflict resolution. Further recipes, contain the cross platform replication and high availability options for Goldengate.


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