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  • Install and configure Oracle Business Intelligence SE suite and Oracle Business Intelligence Tools suite
  • Perform multidimensional data analysis through the prism of SQL
  • Understand database structures behind Business Intelligence metadata components
  • Perform analysis and prepare reports using the Oracle Business Intelligence SE  components— Discoverer Administrator, Discoverer Plus and Discoverer Viewer
  • Build, deploy and execute reports using Oracle Reports—Reports Server and Reports Builder
  • Integrate data from different transactional systems and facilitate business analysis with warehousing
  • Take advantage of the slice and dice capability to change the layout or contents of an Oracle BI Discoverer Plus report
  • Arrange data for effective analysis by use of pivoting
  • Drill data up and down and navigate the Discoverer worksheet to process data
  • Use analytic SQL functions to answer business questions
  • Unveil the power of your business data with Oracle Discoverer
  • Analyze data and prepare business reports using Oracle Reports
  • Build a data warehouse with Oracle Warehouse Builder

Business Intelligence (BI) is the process of obtaining business information from available data and today, most businesses use BI to control their affairs. With Business Analysis and Reporting in Oracle Business Intelligence, you can quickly learn how to put the power of the Oracle Business Intelligence solutions to work. To jump start with analysis and reporting of data on an Oracle Business Intelligence SE platform and to keep the process of learning simple and interesting requires numerous annotated examples.

The examples in this introductory guide will make you immediately familiar with tools included in the Oracle Business Intelligence package. This book will teach you how to find answers to common business questions and make informed business decisions as well as helping you to use Oracle Business Intelligence SE platform and prepare database for analysis.

This practical, example-rich guide starts by explaining concepts behind getting business information from data. We then move smoothly onto the tools included in the Oracle Business Intelligence SE and Oracle Business Intelligence Tools packages. Along the way, we will look at how to take advantage of Discoverer Administrator, Discoverer Plus, and Discoverer Viewer for analysis and reporting. You will also learn how to build, deploy and execute reports using Oracle Reports, and integrate data from different data sources with warehousing, employing Oracle Warehouse Builder software. Covering advanced Oracle Business Intelligence features, this book will teach you how to pivot data, drill it up and down, as well as display it visually in graphs.

  • Install, configure, and deploy the components included in Oracle Business Intelligence Suite (SE)
  • Gain a comprehensive overview of components and features of the Oracle Business Intelligence package
  • A fast paced, practical book that provides you with quick steps to answer common business questions and help you make informed business decisions
  • Leverage the computational power of Oracle Database
Page Count 184
Course Length 5 hours 31 minutes
ISBN 9781849681186
Date Of Publication 11 Oct 2010


Yuli Vasiliev

Yuli Vasiliev is a software developer, freelance author, and consultant currently specializing in open-source development, Oracle technologies, and service-oriented architecture (SOA). He has over 10 years of software development experience as well as several years of technical writing experience. He wrote a series of technical articles for Oracle Technology Network (OTN) and Oracle Magazine.

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