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MySQL Management and Administration with Navicat

Gökhan Ozar

Master the tools you thought you knew and discover the features you never knew existed with this book and ebook.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849687461
Paperback134 pages

About This Book

  • Tips, tricks and fast-paced tutorials for getting the most out of Navicat
  • Master the visual design tools and editors with thorough examples
  • Discover how easy Navicat makes outsmarting the trickiest cases
  • Both Mac and PC versions covered, with screenshots detailing differences in performing tasks

Who This Book Is For

This book is written for MySQL Users, Developers, and admins who want to discover just how easy Navicat makes even normally arduous tasks.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started
Enter Navicat
Setting up a connection to the database
Setting up Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
Chapter 2: Working with Databases
Managing database objects with Navicat
Creating a database from scratch
Entering data in tables
Creating views
Working with functions and procedures
Using Navicat’s event designer for MySQL
Working with queries in Navicat
Chapter 3: Data Management with Navicat
Working with an existing database
Importing and exporting data
Direct data transfer between two databases
Data and structure synchronization
Backup and restore
Creating and scheduling batch jobs
Chapter 4: Data Modeling with Navicat
Working with Navicat's model designer
Exporting the model diagram to SQL
Reverse-engineering a database into a model
Chapter 5: Database Maintenance and Security Management
User and privilege management with Navicat
Performing maintenance tasks with Navicat
Chapter 6: Designing Reports with Navicat
First contact with the tool(s)
Preparing the data with Query Wizard
Designing the report
Switching to the Preview tab

What You Will Learn

  • Easily set up servers, establish connections, configure proxies and SSL certificates
  • Design databases, tables, complex views, queries, functions and stored procedures through hand coding, point-and-click, or a mix of both
  • Establish and manage complex relationships with visual editors and get the automatically generated SQL
  • Import data or an entire database from almost any data source and export to a different database platform or a plethora of file formats
  • Create visual models and create a database from them or just reverse-engineer an existing database into a visual diagram
  • Backup and restore MySQL databases easily
  • Create batch jobs and define automated schedules
  • Manage complex privileges, analyze and repair tables with a few clicks

In Detail

Any database designer who wants to accomplish both everyday tasks and more advanced actions with a few clicks or drag-and-drops can now do so using Navicat’s advanced tools and this book.

Starting with the basics before progressing with advanced features, this book can be read from cover to cover, or simply used as a reference guide for any problems you encounter.

The book features ‘work along’ tutorials, some of which will surprise you by revealing features of Navicat which you may never have known existed – features such as designing functions and stored procedures, event triggers, creating batch jobs and scheduling.

"MySQL Management and Administration with Navicat" is an ideal resource to master Navicat and unlock its true potential.


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