MongoDB Data Modeling

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  • Optimize your models based on priorities
  • Discover the schemaless document-oriented database design
  • Improve the process of querying a document with the help of indexing
  • Set up a sharded environment with replication
  • Configure the read preference in accordance with your application's requirements
  • Create effective indexes that will fit your application needs
  • Understand how to analyze the performance of your queries to avoid performance issues

This book covers the basic concepts in data modeling and also provides you with the tools to design better schemas. With a focus on data usage, this book will cover how queries and indexes can influence the way we design schemas, with thorough examples and detailed code.

The book begins with a brief discussion of data models, drawing a parallel between relational databases, NoSQL, and consequently MongoDB. Next, the book explains the most basic MongoDB concepts, such as read and write operations, indexing, and how to design schemas by knowing how applications will use the data. Finally, we will talk about best practices that will help you optimize and manage your database, presenting you with a real-life example of data modeling on a real-time logging analytics application.

  • Create reliable, scalable data models with MongoDB
  • Optimize the schema design process to support applications of all kinds
  • Use this comprehensive guide to implement advanced schema designs
Page Count 202
Course Length 6 hours 3 minutes
ISBN 9781782175346
Date Of Publication 21 Jun 2015


Wilson da Rocha França

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