MicroStrategy Quick Start Guide

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  • Set up the MicroStrategy Intelligence Server and client tools
  • Create a MicroStrategy metadata repository and your first Project
  • Explore the main MicroStrategy object types and their dependencies
  • Create, manipulate, and share Reports
  • Create and share Dashboards
  • Manage Users and Groups

MicroStrategy is an enterprise business intelligence application. It turns data into reports for making and executing key organization decisions. This book shows you how to implement Business Intelligence (BI) with MicroStrategy. It takes you from setting up and configuring MicroStrategy to security and administration.

The book starts by detailing the different components of the MicroStrategy platform, and the key concepts of Metadata and Project Source. You will then install and configure MicroStrategy and lay down the foundations for building MicroStrategy BI solutions. By learning about objects and different object types, you will develop a strong understanding of the MicroStrategy Schema and Public Objects. With these MicroStrategy objects, you will enhance and scale your BI and Analytics solutions.

Finally, you will learn about the administration, security, and monitoring of your BI solution.

  • Learn the fundamentals of MicroStrategy
  • Use MicroStrategy to get actionable insights from your business data
  • Create visualizations and build intuitive dashboards and reports
Page Count 218
Course Length 6 hours 32 minutes
ISBN 9781789136241
Date Of Publication 27 Sep 2018


Fernando Carlos Rivero Esqueda

Fernando Carlos Rivero Esqueda is a Mexican BI professional with 18 years of MicroStrategy (MSTR) experience. He earned a BS in electronic systems and two master's degrees: IT management, and an MBA from the university of Massachusetts. He is studying for an MA on Human and Family Development. He worked for 8 years for MSTR as a consultant, instructor, and educational mgr., attaining the highest possible certification: MicroStrategy Certified Engineering Principal. He taught MSTR to more than 1200 people, from consultants and directors to college students. He works now as a BI engineer for a well-known retailer in Seattle. His passion and love are his wife and kids. Fernando likes photography, piano, karate, and playing Pokémon Go with his kids. To contact him search for MBA Fernando Rivero.