Microsoft Power BI Masterclass - Expand Excellence [Video]

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  • Create powerful and outstanding reports to create the wow effect
  • Improve the look and feel of standard dashboards
  • Apply additional advanced DAX calculations
  • Apply tips and tricks when exploring data and creating reports
  • Taking the Power BI Masterclass series will prepare you to start your data analytics career

In a world of data, business intelligence and business analytics are in high demand. Companies are constantly searching for ways to make better and faster and smarter decisions. This heavily involves getting insights from their data. Whether you're a small company or a multinational, data-driven decision making is the key to success for any business in the world of tomorrow. Because of that companies are drastically looking out for skilled employees and freelancers worldwide with the necessary capabilities to help them analyze and understand their data. It is a "War for talent". This offers tremendous job opportunities for all who are interested in the topic and want to dive into it. MS Power BI is an advanced yet easy to get started self service business analytics / business intelligence solution provided by Microsoft which is currently in very hot demand. Gartner has labelled Power BI as a leader in their BI quadrant - and considers Power BI visionary. The author's experience is that companies will more and more replace old Powerpoint and standard Excel with Power BI. We are already in the process towards this data-driven future. That is why Daniel created his 6 hour Power BI Masterclass - Beginners to Advanced (master self-service business intelligence in no time) course which is his first course to help you get started on of the hottest and best business analytics / business intelligence software currently out there. Power BI has a very strong active community and with Microsoft pushing this solution to it's enterprise customers, Power BI has a bright future ahead. And you can be part of this future!

Style and Approach

Together we continue our journey and increase our knowledge in DAX calculations further to derive deep insights from our data. A great example dataset is included but you can also use your own data for exploration.

  • It's recommended to take the Beginners to Advanced Masterclass course first. 
  • This course extends the learning from Daniel's first MIcrosoft BI course
  • How to gain deeper insights in your data from a time aspect
  • How to evaluate your sales people
  • Additional advanced DAX measures which have not been covered in the first course yet
  • How to apply best practices when creating dashboards
  • How to improve the look and feel of your report to wow your audience
Course Length 3 hours 55 minutes
ISBN 9781789534276
Date Of Publication 20 Jun 2018


Daniel We

Daniel We is a 29 year old entrepreneur, data scientist and data analytics / visual analytics consultant. He holds a master degree and is certified in Power BI as well as a Qualified Associate in Tableau software. He is currently working in the business intelligence field and helps major companies to get key insights from their data to deliver long term growth and outpace their competitors. He is committed to supporting other people by offering them educational services to help them accomplish their goals and become the best in their profession or explore a new career path.