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MATLAB Graphics and Data Visualization Cookbook

Nivedita Majumdar, Swapnonil Banerjee

Present your data in the clearest, most engaging way possible by harnessing the visualization power of MATLAB. With a host of practical recipes and step-by-step instructions, this book is the fast-track to stunning results.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849693165
Paperback284 pages

About This Book

  • Collection of data visualization recipes with functionalized versions of common tasks for easy integration into your data analysis workflow
  • Recipes cross-referenced with MATLAB product pages and MATLAB Central File Exchange resources for improved coverage
  • Includes hand created indices to find exactly what you need; such as application driven, or functionality driven solutions

Who This Book Is For

For those who are already using MATLAB for their computational needs but need to also harness its powerful visualization capabilities.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Customizing Elements of MATLAB Graphics—the Basics
Making your first MATLAB plot
Laying out long tick labels without overwriting
Using annotations pinned to the axes
Tufte style gridding for readability
Bringing order to chaos with legends
Visualizing details with data transformations
Designing multigraph layouts
A visualization to compare algorithm test results
Chapter 2: Diving into One-dimensional Data Displays
Pie charts, stem plots, and stairs plots
Box plots
Stacked line graphs
Node link plots
Calendar heat map
Distributional data analysis
Time series analysis
Chapter 3: Graduating to Two-dimensional Data Displays
Two-dimensional scatter plots
Scatter plot smoothing
Bidirectional error bars
2D node link plots
Dendrograms and clustergrams
Contour plots
Gridding scattered data
Choropleth maps
Thematic maps with symbols
Flow maps
Chapter 4: Customizing Elements of MATLAB Graphics—Advanced
View control
Interaction between light, transparency, and view
Chapter 5: Playing in the Big Leagues with Three-dimensional Data Displays
3D scatter plots
Slice (cross-sectional views)
Isosurface, isonormals, isocaps
Stream slice
Stream lines, ribbons, tubes
Scalar and vector data with a combination of techniques
Explore with camera motion
Chapter 6: Designing for Higher Data Dimensions
Fusing hyperspectral data
Survey plots
Parallel coordinates
Tree maps
Andrews' curves
Downsampling for fast graphs
Principal Component Analysis
Radial Coordinate Visualization
Chapter 7: Creating Interactive Graphics and Animation
Callback functions
Obtaining user input from the graph
Linked axes and data brushing
The magnifying glass demo
Animation with playback of frame captures
Stream particle animation
Animation by incremental changes to chart elements
Chapter 8: Finalizing Graphics for Publication and Presentations
Export formats and resolution
Vector graphics for inclusion into documents
Preserving onscreen font size and aspect ratios
Publishing code and graphics to a webpage

What You Will Learn

  • Jump start your first MATLAB plot
  • Strengthen your knowledge of standard graph types and learn new advanced types
  • Common visualization mistakes that people make and how to avoid them
  • Easily adapt recipes from the book to best display your data - one, two, three dimensions, and beyond
  • Say more with legends, annotations, labels, different layouts, and color
  • Design superior data displays with custom lighting, transparency, and camera positioning
  • Do animations and interactive graphics with MATLAB
  • Fix the resolution and format before employing the Publish command

In Detail

MATLAB's customizable graphics elements allow you to tailor your visualizations for exactly what you need to present; alter the figure and axis properties, lighting, transparency and camera position. Use MATLAB to apply volume visualizations to your data as well as interactivity and animation, or to plot your data in 1, 2, 3 and higher data dimensions.

"MATLAB Graphics & Data Visualization Cookbook" will serve as your handbook to help you know the right graphic to showcase your data and teach you how to create it in clear step-by-step instructions.

Tasks range from simple graphs using built-in MATLAB commands, to complex functions making frequently used customizations easy to implement.

Learn about the key customizable elements in MATLAB graphics starting from figure and axis property settings, color, lighting, transparency and camera positioning to strategies for more advanced data visualization including adding interactivity and animation. Finish with recipes on presentation and publication.

Learn the techniques and easily customize the recipes to apply to your datasets.


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