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Mathematica Data Visualization

Nazmus Saquib

Create and prototype interactive data visualizations using Mathematica
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Book Details

ISBN 139781783282999
Paperback146 pages

About This Book

  • Understand visualization functions used by scientists, engineers, and financial analysts
  • Build a visualization system from scratch using low-level graphics primitives and interactive functionalities
  • Learn how to visualize a wide range of datasets with the help of detailed explanations of code and theory

Who This Book Is For

If you are planning to create data analysis and visualization tools in the context of science, engineering, economics, or social science, then this book is for you. With this book, you will become a visualization expert, in a short time, using Mathematica.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Visualization as a Tool to Understand Data
The importance of visualization
Types of datasets
Mathematica as a tool for visualization
Getting started with Mathematica
Upcoming chapters
Further reading
Chapter 2: Dissecting Data Using Mathematica
Data structures and core languages
Data importing and basic plots
Further reading
Chapter 3: Time Series and Scientific Visualization
Periodic patterns in time series
Interactive visualization of financial data
Isocontour and molecular visualization
Further reading
Chapter 4: Statistical and Information Visualization
Statistical visualization
Text visualization
Graphs and networks
Further reading
Chapter 5: Maps and Aesthetics
Map visualization
Aesthetics in visualization
Deploying Mathematica visualizations
Looking forward
Further reading

What You Will Learn

  • Understand some widely used datasets in science, engineering, finance, statistics, and business
  • Write Mathematica programs to create stunning, interactive, and beautiful visualizations
  • Create time series visualizations in different scenarios to find underlying patterns in time series data
  • Build a protein molecule visualization tool and create basic isocontour and isosurface visualizations in Mathematica
  • Create statistical plots and charts and learn the basics of visualizing high dimensional datasets
  • Develop a word frequency visualization tool
  • Build graph network visualizations and interactive chord charts

In Detail

Mathematica, developed and maintained by Wolfram Research, is a trusted and popular tool used to analyze and visualize data.

This book begins by introducing you to the Mathematica environment and the basics of dataset loading and cleaning. You will then learn about the different kinds of widely used datasets so that you are comfortable with the later chapters. Then, in the subsequent chapters, you will learn about time series, scientific, statistical, information, and map visualizations. Each topic is demonstrated by walking you through an example project. Along the way, the dynamic interactivity and graphics packages are also introduced. Finally, the book ends with a brief discussion of color maps and aesthetics issues.

Using this book, you will learn how to build visualizations from scratch, quickly and efficiently.


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