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Mastering SQL Queries for SAP Business One

Gordon Du

Exploit one of the most powerful features of SAP Business One with this practical guide to mastering SQL Queries. With the skills to quickly acquire business intelligence, your enterprise can gain the competitive edge.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849682367
Paperback352 pages

About This Book

  • Practical SAP query examples from an SAP Business One expert
  • Detailed steps to create and troubleshoot SQL queries for Alerts, Approvals, Formatted Searches, and Crystal Reports
  • Understand the importance and benefit of keeping SQL queries simple and easy to understand
  • Benefit from special tips and tricks related directly to SQL queries within SAP Business One

Who This Book Is For

If you are a system administrator who uses SQL query as your tool of choice for solving specific problems throughout SAP Business One, then this book is for you. It may also be useful if you are a developer or consultant using this technology, and can benefit end users by improving your search for important business information. A rudimentary knowledge of SAP Business One and SQL Server is required to use this book efficiently. Examples covered are relevant to SBO 2007A users, for which the 8.8 release is mostly compatible. All SQL query examples within the book are verified under SQL Server 2005, so they are guaranteed to run under this release, in addition to SQL Server 2008.

Non-SAP Business One users can also gain knowledge from the many examples throughout the book. It is hard to find another book with so many SQL query examples.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: SAP Business One Query Users and Query Basics
Who can benefit from using SQL Queries in SAP Business One?
SQL query and related terms
Data dictionary
Table links—the key for the right query
Base tables versus target tables
Keeping it simple—The key to build a good query
Chapter 2: Query Generator and Query Wizard
Query Generator
Query wizard
What is the difference between Query generator and Query wizard?
Benefitting from built-in system queries
Chapter 3: Query Manager and Query Statements
Query manager user interface
Commonly used statements
Some important functions to return values
Chapter 4: Query Examples
Why three categories have been chosen
Defining variables for queries
Date function—where the most problems emerge
Orange arrow—an excellent tool for drill down
Getting a subtotal from the query
Query for marketing documents
Query for inventory transactions
Query for financial transactions
User query for alert
Miscellaneous query examples
Chapter 5: Securities and Approvals
How to handle securities for query usage
How to use query for approval procedures
Examples of user queries for approval
Chapter 6: SQL Query for Formatted Search (FMS)
Formatted Search and User-Defined Values
How to work with User-Defined Values
A typical FMS query application: auto code creation
General FMS query examples
Chapter 7: SQL Query for Reporting Tools
Query Print Layout Designer (QPLD) and its usage
Direct query for Crystal Reports (Command)
Chapter 8: SQL Query for a Stored Procedure
Why Stored Procedure is included in this book
SBO_SP_TransactionNotification overview
How to work with SBO_SP_TransactionNotification
Some example queries for this SP
Chapter 9: More Complicated SQL Query Topics
The Case expression usage
Working with a subquery
Using PIVOT to simplify a cross tab style queries
Database query for Excel
Avoiding pitfalls while building queries

What You Will Learn

  • Quickly get up and running with SAP's Query Generator and Query Wizard
  • Develop best practices for creating SQL queries for use with SAP Business One
  • Discover how "keeping it simple" will lead to a better SQL query
  • Assign SQL query security within your company
  • Learn how to get user queries ready for approval
  • Optimize user queries for alerts through step-by-step instruction
  • Build special queries for Formatted Search
  • Create the core part of the query to utilize the SBO Transaction Notification stored procedure
  • Master Query Print Layout design
  • Improve your Crystal Reports with SQL queries
  • Employ expert-level query methods
  • Reduce your learning curve by following real-world examples and expert advice
  • Achieve advanced SQL query building and troubleshooting skills

In Detail

SAP Business One is an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software which offers an ideal solution for growing small to midsized businesses. For such companies, retrieving the most relevant information from their business data can be key to standing out from the competition. SAP Business One is a rapidly growing software package and this book is timely in giving those businesses an advantage in the area of Business Intelligence. Having SQL query skills in- house is the most important and cost-effective move you can make in this growing field.

This practical guide will provide you with the skills to gain more specific business information from SAP Business One by using SQL queries. It will provide you with solutions for solving complicated report related problems, covering basic tools like the Query Generator and Query Wizard. More advanced content like using queries with Crystal Reports will also be delved into.

SQL query is one of the advanced tools available in SAP Business One which is easily learned and quickly utilized. By referring back to and applying the many examples in this book, you will be able to create and run correct, and therefore effective, SQL queries to help your business.

The book begins by teaching a clear definition of the SQL query, and covers the data dictionary and table links. Coverage will then jump to a higher level of complex SQL queries, discussing features like FMS. Along the way more advanced SQL Query topics will be covered, such as extending the scope of basic SQL queries for more complicated cases. You will ultimately gain in depth query knowledge to bring more Business Intelligence into SAP Business One.


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