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  • Perform vector and matrix operations using NumPy
  • Perform exploratory data analysis (EDA) on US housing data
  • Develop a predictive model using simple and multiple linear regression
  • Understand unsupervised learning and clustering algorithms with practical use cases
  • Write better NumPy code and implement the algorithms from scratch
  • Perform benchmark tests to choose the best configuration for your system

NumPy is one of the most important scientific computing libraries available for Python. Mastering Numerical Computing with NumPy teaches you how to achieve expert level competency to perform complex operations, with in-depth coverage of advanced concepts.

Beginning with NumPy's arrays and functions, you will familiarize yourself with linear algebra concepts to perform vector and matrix math operations. You will thoroughly understand and practice data processing, exploratory data analysis (EDA), and predictive modeling. You will then move on to working on practical examples which will teach you how to use NumPy statistics in order to explore US housing data and develop a predictive model using simple and multiple linear regression techniques. Once you have got to grips with the basics, you will explore unsupervised learning and clustering algorithms, followed by understanding how to write better NumPy code while keeping advanced considerations in mind. The book also demonstrates the use of different high-performance numerical computing libraries and their relationship with NumPy. You will study how to benchmark the performance of different configurations and choose the best for your system.

By the end of this book, you will have become an expert in handling and performing complex data manipulations.

  • Grasp all aspects of numerical computing and understand NumPy
  • Explore examples to learn exploratory data analysis (EDA), regression, and clustering
  • Access NumPy libraries and use performance benchmarking to select the right tool
Page Count 248
Course Length 7 hours 26 minutes
ISBN 9781788993357
Date Of Publication 27 Jun 2018


Umit Mert Cakmak

Umit Mert Cakmak is a data scientist at IBM, where he excels at helping clients solve complex data science problems, from inception to delivery of deployable assets. His research spans multiple disciplines beyond his industry and he likes sharing his insights at conferences, universities, and meet-ups.

Mert Cuhadaroglu

Mert Cuhadaroglu is a BI Developer in EPAM, developing E2E analytics solutions for complex business problems in various industries, mostly investment banking, FMCG, media, communication, and pharma. He consistently uses advanced statistical models and ML algorithms to provide actionable insights. Throughout his career, he has worked in several other industries, such as banking and asset management. He continues his academic research in AI for trading algorithms.