Mastering Elasticsearch 5.x - Third Edition

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  • Understand Apache Lucene and Elasticsearch 5’s design and architecture
  • Use and configure the new and improved default text scoring mechanism in Apache Lucene 6
  • Know how to overcome the pitfalls while handling relational data in Elasticsearch
  • Learn about choosing the right queries according to the use cases and master the scripting module including new default scripting language, painlessly
  • Explore the right way of scaling production clusters to improve the performance of Elasticsearch
  • Master the searching, indexing, and aggregation features in Elasticsearch
  • Develop your own Elasticsearch plugins to extend the functionalities of Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is a modern, fast, distributed, scalable, fault tolerant, and open source search and analytics engine. Elasticsearch leverages the capabilities of Apache Lucene, and provides a new level of control over how you can index and search even huge sets of data. With this book you will finally be able to fully utilize the power that Elasticsearch.

This book will give you a brief recap of the basics and also introduce you to the new features of Elasticsearch 5. We will guide you through the intermediate and advanced functionalities of Elasticsearch, such as querying, indexing, searching, and modifying data. We’ll also explore advanced concepts, including aggregation, index control, sharding, replication, and clustering.

We’ll show you the modules of monitoring and administration available in Elasticsearch, and will also cover backup and recovery. You will get an understanding of how you can scale your ElasticSearch cluster to contextualize it and improve its performance. We’ll also show you how you can create your own analysis plugin in Elasticsearch.

By the end of the book, you will have all the knowledge necessary to master Elasticsearch and put it to efficient use.

  • Master the searching, indexing, and aggregation features in ElasticSearch
  • Improve users’ search experience with Elasticsearch’s functionalities and develop your own Elasticsearch plugins
  • A comprehensive, step-by-step guide to master the intricacies of ElasticSearch with ease
Page Count 428
Course Length 12 hours 50 minutes
ISBN 9781786460189
Date Of Publication 21 Feb 2017


Bharvi Dixit

Bharvi Dixit is an IT professional with extensive experience of working on search servers, NoSQL databases, and cloud services. He holds a master's degree in computer science and is currently working with Sentieo, a USA-based financial data and equity research platform, where he leads the overall platform and architecture of the company spanning across hundreds of servers. At Sentieo, he also plays a key role in the search and data team.

He is also the organizer of Delhi's Elasticsearch Meetup Group, where he speaks about Elasticsearch and Lucene and is continuously building the community around these technologies.

Bharvi also works as a freelance Elasticsearch consultant and has helped more than half a dozen organizations adapt Elasticsearch to solve their complex search problems around different use cases, such as creating search solutions for big data-automated intelligence platforms in the area of counter-terrorism and risk management, as well as in other domains, such as recruitment, e-commerce, finance, social search, and log monitoring.

He has a keen interest in creating scalable backend platforms. His other areas of interests are search engineering, data analytics, and distributed computing. Java and Python are the primary languages in which he loves to write code. He has also built a proprietary software for consultancy firms.

In 2013, he started working on Lucene and Elasticsearch, and in 2016, he authored his first book, Elasticsearch Essentials, which was published by Packt. He has also worked as a technical reviewer for the book Learning Kibana 5.0 by Packt.

You can connect with him on LinkedIn at or can follow him on Twitter @d_bharvi.