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Mastering DynamoDB

Tanmay Deshpande

Master the intricacies of the NoSQL database DynamoDB to take advantage of its fast performance and seamless scalability
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Book Details

ISBN 139781783551958
Paperback236 pages

About This Book

  • Implement DynamoDB as a backend to your iOS and Android mobile applications
  • Explore how DynamoDB can be integrated with other AWS offerings such as EMR, Redshift, Cloudsearch, and more
  • Equip yourself with best practices to improve the time and cost performance of your application through interactive tutorials

Who This Book Is For

If you have interest in DynamoDB and want to know what DynamoDB is all about and become proficient in using it, this is the book for you. If you are an intermediate user who wishes to enhance your knowledge of DynamoDB, this book is aimed at you. Basic familiarity with programming, NoSQL, and cloud computing concepts would be helpful.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started
DynamoDB's history
What is DynamoDB?
Data model concepts
How do I get started?
Chapter 2: Data Models
Primary key
Secondary indexes
Data types
Operations on tables
Operations on items
Query and scan operations
Modeling relationships
Chapter 3: How DynamoDB Works
Service-oriented architecture
Design features
Functional components
Chapter 4: Best Practices
Table level best practices
Item best practices
Query and scan best practices
Local secondary indexes best practices
Global secondary index best practices
Chapter 5: Advanced Topics
Monitoring DynamoDB tables
Using IAM to provide access control to DynamoDB
Limitations in DynamoDB
Error handling
Chapter 6: Integrating DynamoDB with Other AWS Components
Integrating with AWS EMR
Integrating with AWS Redshift
Integrating with AWS CloudSearch
Chapter 7: DynamoDB – Use Cases
Bookstore application
Knowledge market website
Chapter 8: Useful Libraries and Tools
Chapter 9: Developing Mobile Apps Using DynamoDB
Authentication and Authorization
Performing operations using mobile SDKs

What You Will Learn

  • Comprehend the DynamoDB data model and how to build the efficient schema of DynamoDB tables
  • Decipher the architecture of DynamoDB and its core features
  • Understand how DynamoDB manages ring membership and handles partial failures
  • Get acquainted with the AWS security token service and learn how DynamoDB deals with authentication and authorization
  • Integrate DynamoDB with other AWS services in order to form a complete application ecosystem on AWS Cloud
  • Explore third-party tools and libraries to efficiently use DynamoDB to help to autoscale, test, and back up/archive
  • Familiarize yourself with mobile application development using DynamoDB at the backend

In Detail

This book is a practical, example-oriented guide that begins with an introduction to DynamoDB, how it started, what it is, and its features. It then introduces you to DynamoDB's data model, demonstrating CRUD operations on the data model. Once you get an understanding of the data model, you will be able to dive deep into the DynamoDB architecture to understand its flexibility, scalability, and reliability.

The book also gives you plenty of best practices you should follow in order to achieve time and cost efficiency. Later, you will explore some advanced topics such as CloudWatch Monitoring, the AWS security token service, and the use of IAM to perform access control management.

The book discusses a variety of use cases that will help you get a practical sense of DynamoDB. Finally, the book ends with a discussion on using DynamoDB as a backend for Android/iOS mobile applications with sample code that will help you build your own applications.


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