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Machine Learning with Scala [Video]

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  • Write Scala code implementing neural network models for prediction and clustering
  • Plot and analyze the structure of datasets with exploratory data analysis techniques using Scala
  • Use new and popular Scala frameworks such as Akka and Spark to implement machine learning algorithms and Scala libraries such as Breeze for numerical computing and plotting
  • Get to grips with the most popular machine learning algorithms used in the areas of regression, classification, clustering, dimensionality reduction, and neural networks
  • Use the power of MLlib libraries to implement machine learning with Spark
  • Work with the k-means algorithm and implement it in Scala with the real datasets
  • Get to know what dimensionality reduction is and explore the theory behind how the PCA algorithm works
  • Analyze and implement linear regression and GLMs in Scala and run them on real datasets
  • Use the Naive bayes algorithms and its methods to predict the probability of different classes based on various attributes

The ability to apply machine learning techniques to large datasets is becoming a highly sought-after skill in the world of technology. Scala can help you deliver key insights into your data—its unique capabilities as a language let you build sophisticated algorithms and statistical models. For this reason, machine learning and Scala fit together perfectly and knowledge of both would be beneficial for anyone entering the data science field.

The course starts with a general introduction to the Scala programming language. From there, you’ll be introduced to several practical machine learning algorithms from the areas of exploratory data analysis. You’ll look at supervised learning machine learning models for prediction and classification tasks, and unsupervised learning techniques such as clustering and dimensionality reduction and neural networks.

By the end, you will be comfortable applying machine learning algorithms to solve real-world problems using Scala.

  • Learn how to implement classification, regression, and clustering
  • Discover key Scala machine learning libraries, what each library brings to the table, and what kind of problems each library is able to solve
  • Dive deep into the world of analytics to predict situations correctly
Course Length 1 hours 58 minutes
ISBN 9781785881350
Date Of Publication 28 Jul 2016


Alex Minnaar

Alex Minnaar is a machine learning engineer working in San Francisco, California. Alex holds an Msc in Machine Learning from University College London and a BSc in Mathematics from Queen's University. Alex has professional experience working with Scala and technologies such as Spark, Akka, and Kafka and a particular interest in natural language processing applications.