Machine Learning Fundamentals

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  • Understand the importance of data representation
  • Gain insights into the differences between supervised and unsupervised models
  • Explore data using the Matplotlib library
  • Study popular algorithms, such as k-means, Mean-Shift, and DBSCAN
  • Measure model performance through different metrics
  • Implement a confusion matrix using scikit-learn
  • Study popular algorithms, such as Naïve-Bayes, Decision Tree, and SVM
  • Perform error analysis to improve the performance of the model
  • Learn to build a comprehensive machine learning program

As machine learning algorithms become popular, new tools that optimize these algorithms are also developed. Machine Learning Fundamentals explains you how to use the syntax of scikit-learn. You'll study the difference between supervised and unsupervised models, as well as the importance of choosing the appropriate algorithm for each dataset. You'll apply unsupervised clustering algorithms over real-world datasets, to discover patterns and profiles, and explore the process to solve an unsupervised machine learning problem.

The focus of the book then shifts to supervised learning algorithms. You'll learn to implement different supervised algorithms and develop neural network structures using the scikit-learn package. You'll also learn how to perform coherent result analysis to improve the performance of the algorithm by tuning hyperparameters.

By the end of this book, you will have gain all the skills required to start programming machine learning algorithms.

  • Explore scikit-learn uniform API and its application into any type of model
  • Understand the difference between supervised and unsupervised models
  • Learn the usage of machine learning through real-world examples
Page Count 240
Course Length 7 hours 12 minutes
ISBN 9781789803556
Date Of Publication 29 Nov 2018


Hyatt Saleh

Hyatt Saleh discovered the importance of data analysis for understanding and solving real-life problems after graduating from college as a business administrator. Since then, as a self-taught person, she not only works as a machine learning freelancer for many companies globally, but has also founded an artificial intelligence company that aims to optimize everyday processes. She has also authored Machine Learning Fundamentals, by Packt Publishing.