Learning Real-time Processing with Spark Streaming

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  • Install and configure Spark and Spark Streaming to execute applications
  • Explore the architecture and components of Spark and Spark Streaming to use it as a base for other libraries
  • Process distributed log files in real-time to load data from distributed sources
  • Apply transformations on streaming data to use its functions
  • Integrate Apache Spark with the various advance libraries like MLib and GraphX
  • Apply production deployment scenarios to deploy your application

Using practical examples with easy-to-follow steps, this book will teach you how to build real-time applications with Spark Streaming.

Starting with installing and setting the required environment, you will write and execute your first program for Spark Streaming. This will be followed by exploring the architecture and components of Spark Streaming along with an overview of libraries/functions exposed by Spark. Next you will be taught about various client APIs for coding in Spark by using the use-case of distributed log file processing. You will then apply various functions to transform and enrich streaming data. Next you will learn how to cache and persist datasets. Moving on you will integrate Apache Spark with various other libraries/components of Spark like Mlib, GraphX, and Spark SQL. Finally, you will learn about deploying your application and cover the different scenarios ranging from standalone mode to distributed mode using Mesos, Yarn, and private data centers or on cloud infrastructure.

  • Process live data streams more efficiently with better fault recovery using Spark Streaming
  • Implement and deploy real-time log file analysis
  • Learn about integration with Advance Spark Libraries – GraphX, Spark SQL, and MLib.
Page Count 202
Course Length 6 hours 3 minutes
ISBN 9781783987665
Date Of Publication 27 Sep 2015


Sumit Gupta

Sumit Gupta is a seasoned professional, innovator, and technology evangelist with over 100 man months of experience in architecting, managing, and delivering enterprise solutions revolving around a variety of business domains, such as hospitality, healthcare, risk management, insurance, and more. He is passionate about technology and overall he has 15 years of hands-on experience in the software industry. He has been using Big Data and cloud technologies over the past 4 to 5 years to solve complex business problems.