Learning Pandas [Video]

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  • Know how to read different kinds of data into Pandas Dataframes for data analysis.
  • Attain knowledge of how to manipulate, transform and apply formulas on the data imported into the pandas dataframes
  • Be trained in analyzing and visualizing different kinds of data using Pandas to gain real world insights.
  • Get to know how to use Pandas to make predictions using Machine Learning and scikit-learn
  • Practice ways in which to work with Big Data using Pandas
  • Imbibe how to work with quantitative financial data and how to model time-series data, 
  • Perform algorithmic trading, derive results on fixed and moving windows, and more.
  • Get the hang of taking out transformed data out of Pandas dataframes and into the formats your application expects.

Pandas is a popular Open Source Python package that provides fast, high performance data structures for performing efficient data manipulation and analysis. It has quickly emerged as a popular choice of tool for analysts to solve real-world analytical problems. This video will show you how you can get the most out of pandas for data analysis.The course starts with teaching you the absolute basics such as installing and setting up of the pandas library. Then, you will be introduced to fundamental data structures in pandas and the different data types, indexing, and more. You will then implement the basic functionalities of the pandas library such as working with different kinds of data, indexing, and handling missing data. The course will also teach you how to analyze and model your data, and organize the results of your analysis in the form of plots or other visualization means. Throughout the course, you will implement simple yet highly effective examples and use-cases which are relevant in the real-world scenario, as you build on your understanding of pandas.By the end of this course, you will have a firm understanding of the basics of pandas. You will be ready to start using pandas for different data science tasks with confidence.

Style and Approach

This video course is as a standalone course. It begins by introducing a concept and very quickly you’ll be able to follow on and start attempting code examples. We’ll share Jupyter Notebooks for the exercises in each volume

  • Manipulate, analyze and visualize your data using the popular pandas library
  • Get introduced to the data structures to work with different kinds of data
  • A highly practical video showing you the whys and hows of applying pandas for your data analysis tasks
Course Length 1 hour 14 minutes
ISBN 9781787287891
Date Of Publication 27 Jun 2017


Harish Garg

Harish Garg is a Principal Software Developer, author, and co-founder of a software development and training company, Bignumworks. Harish has more than 19 years of experience in a wide variety of technologies, including blockchain, data science and enterprise software. During this time, he has worked for companies such as McAfee, Intel, etc.