Learning Neo4j

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  • Background and specifications of graph databases
  • Install Neo4j on a variety of different platforms, locally and in the cloud
  • Model data for a graph database such as Neo4j
  • Import data into Neo4j
  • Learn about sample use cases for Neo4j
  • Discover the advantages of graph databases versus other database models
  • Find out where you can find additional information on Neo4j

Neo4j is the world's leading graph database and offers users a radical new way of dealing with connected data. This book has been created to help you get to grips with it, providing you with an accessible route through a tool built to contend with the complexity of modern data. Learn the fundamental concepts behind Neo4j, and put them into practice by following the featured examples and use cases that demonstrate how to apply your knowledge to real problems.

Starting with a brief introduction to graph theory, this book will show you the advantages of using graph databases. Following on from that, you will be introduced to Neo4j and you will be shown how to install it on various operating systems. You will then be shown how you can model and import your data into Neo4j.

This book has two use case examples that will show you how to model and implement a graph in Neo4j by analyzing a user case, and analyze the impact a change has on a process or a system. You will also gain an insight into graph visualization options and discover external sources where you can learn more about this exciting and popular graph database.

  • Get acquainted with graph database systems and apply them in real-world use cases
  • Get started with Neo4j, a unique NOSQL database system that focuses on tackling data complexity
  • A practical guide filled with sample queries, installation procedures, and useful pointers to other information sources
Page Count 222
Course Length 6 hours 39 minutes
ISBN 9781849517164
Date Of Publication 24 Aug 2014


Rik Van Bruggen

Rik Van Bruggen is the VP of Sales for Neo Technology for Benelux, UK, and the Nordic region. He has been working for startup companies for most of his career, including eCom Interactive Expertise, SilverStream Software, Imprivata, and Courion. While he has an interest in technology, his real passion is business and how to make technology work for a business. He lives in Antwerp, Belgium, with his wife and three lovely kids, and enjoys technology, orienteering, jogging, and Belgian beer.

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