Learning Informatica PowerCenter 10.x - Second Edition

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  • Install or upgrade the components of the Informatica PowerCenter tool
  • Work on various aspects of administrative skills and on the various developer Informatica PowerCenter screens such as Designer, Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor, and Repository Manager.
  • Get practical hands-on experience of various sections of Informatica PowerCenter, such as navigator, toolbar, workspace, control panel, and so on
  • Leverage basic and advanced utilities, such as the debugger, target load plan, and incremental aggregation to process data
  • Implement data warehousing concepts such as schemas and SCDs using Informatica
  • Migrate various components, such as sources and targets, to another region using the Designer and Repository Manager screens
  • Enhance code performance using tips such as pushdown optimization and partitioning

Informatica PowerCenter is an industry-leading ETL tool, known for its accelerated data extraction, transformation, and data management strategies. This book will be your quick guide to exploring Informatica PowerCenter’s powerful features such as working on sources, targets, transformations, performance optimization, scheduling, deploying for processing, and managing your data at speed.

First, you’ll learn how to install and configure tools. You will learn to implement various data warehouse and ETL concepts, and use PowerCenter 10.x components to build mappings, tasks, workflows, and so on. You will come across features such as transformations, SCD, XML processing, partitioning, constraint-based loading, Incremental aggregation, and many more. Moreover, you’ll also learn to deliver powerful visualizations for data profiling using the advanced monitoring dashboard functionality offered by the new version.

Using data transformation technique, performance tuning, and the many new advanced features, this book will help you understand and process data for training or production purposes. The step-by-step approach and adoption of real-time scenarios will guide you through effectively accessing all core functionalities offered by Informatica PowerCenter version 10.x.

  • Master PowerCenter 10.x components to create, execute, monitor, and schedule ETL processes with a practical approach.
  • An ideal guide to building the necessary skills and competencies to become an expert Informatica PowerCenter developer.
  • A comprehensive guide to fetching/transforming and loading huge volumes of data in a very effective way, with reduced resource consumption
Page Count 426
Course Length 12 hours 46 minutes
ISBN 9781788471220
Date Of Publication 9 Aug 2017


Rahul Malewar

Rahul Malewar has been working on various Data Warehousing tools for 10 years, mostly on Informatica Power Center. He has worked on various versions of Informatica Power Center starting at version 8.1 up to the latest version 9.x and Informatica Cloud. He has worked for various MNCs in India such as UST Global, Cognizant Technologies, and Principal Financial services in Pune.

He has worked on the implementation of some Data Warehouses involving Informatica for fortune 500 MNCs such as Wellpoint and Principal. He has experience of working on multiple real-time projects in MNCs. He has run his own training center named Learn Well Technocraft (www.dw-learnwell.com) since 2010, which provides training on more than 25 Data Warehousing technologies via classroom, corporate, and online. He has also written a blog on data warehousing concepts.

As of today, he has provided training to more than 1200 candidates ranging from freshers to 20-year experienced professionals. He is also a Director of a software firm named Gut Lernen Technocraft Pvt. Ltd., where they work on data warehousing and mobile-related projects. He provides free assistance on Informatica installation related and other technical issues, for which he can be contacted at info@dw-learnwell.com.