Learning Azure Cosmos DB

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  • Build highly responsive and mission-critical applications
  • Understand how distributed databases are important for global scale and low latency
  • Understand how to write globally distributed applications the right way
  • Implement comprehensive SLAs for throughput, latency, consistency, and availability
  • Implement multiple data models and popular APIs for accessing and querying data
  • Implement best practices covering data security in order to detect, prevent and respond to database breaches

Microsoft has introduced a new globally distributed database, called Azure Cosmos DB. It is a superset of Microsoft's existing NoSQL Document DB service. Azure Cosmos DB enables you to scale throughput and storage elastically and independently across any number of Azure's geographic regions.

This book is a must-have for anyone who wants to get introduced to the world of Cosmos DB. This book will focus on building globally-distributed applications without the hassle of complex, multiple datacenter configurations. This book will shed light on how Cosmos DB offers multimodal NoSQL database capabilities in the cloud at a scale that is one product with different database engines, such as key-value, document, graph, and wide column store. We will cover detailed practical examples on how to create a CRUD application using Cosmos DB with a frontend framework of your choice. This book will empower developers to choose their favorite database engines to perform integration, along with other systems that utilize the most popular languages, such as Node.js. This book will take you through the tips and trick, of Cosmos DB deployment, management, and the security offered by Azure Cosmos DB in order to detect, prevent, and respond to database breaches.

By the end of this book, you will not only be aware of the best capabilities of relational and non-relational databases, but you will also be able to build scalable, globally distributed,
and highly responsive applications.

  • Develop your skills to build and scale applications using the power of Azure CosmosDB.
  • Learn how to store and access data with a variety of APIs including MongoDB, Gremlin, SQL, Azure Tables and much more.
  • Fast paced guide to have a better understanding of the features with the practical approach mentioned.
Page Count 168
Course Length 5 hours 2 minutes
ISBN 9781788476171
Date Of Publication 29 May 2018


Shahid Shaikh

Shahid Shaikh is an engineer, published author, and a blogger. He has written tons of tutorials on Node.js and various databases on his blog. He is a believer in open source and almost all his source code is on GitHub. He has also developed and launched a SaaS product called Spark to handle content sharing automation. Currently, he is building a next-generation email marketing tool called Hashmailer.