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  • Create and use different expressions and control flow statements in AWK
  • Use Regular Expressions with AWK for effective text-processing
  • Use built-in and user-defined variables to write AWK programs
  • Use redirections in AWK programs and create structured reports
  • Handle non-decimal input, 2-way inter-process communication with Gawk
  • Create small scripts to reformat data to match patterns and process texts

AWK is one of the most primitive and powerful utilities which exists in all Unix and Unix-like distributions. It is used as a command-line utility when performing a basic text-processing operation, and as programming language when dealing with complex text-processing and mining tasks. With this book, you will have the required expertise to practice advanced AWK programming in real-life examples.

The book starts off with an introduction to AWK essentials. You will then be introduced to regular expressions, AWK variables and constants, arrays and AWK functions and more. The book then delves deeper into more complex tasks, such as printing formatted output in AWK, control flow statements, GNU's implementation of AWK covering the advanced features of GNU AWK, such as network communication, debugging, and inter-process communication in the GAWK programming language which is not easily possible with AWK.

By the end of this book, the reader will have worked on the practical implementation of text processing and pattern matching using AWK to perform routine tasks.

  • Master the fastest and most elegant big data munging language
  • Implement text processing and pattern matching using the advanced features of AWK and GAWK
  • Implement debugging and inter-process communication using GAWK
Page Count 416
Course Length 12 hours 28 minutes
ISBN 9781788391030
Date Of Publication 25 Mar 2018


Shiwang Kalkhanda

Shiwang Kalkhanda (RHCA, RHCSS, MCSE) is a Linux geek and consultant with expertise in the automation of infrastructure deployment and management. He has more than 10 years' experience in security, system, and network administration, and training on open source tech. For most of his automation work, he uses Shell Scripting, Python, and Go. He holds a master's and a bachelor's degree in computer applications. He enjoys traveling and spending time with his children. He is also the author of a book on text processing utilities in Unix-like environments, Learning Awk Programming.