KNIME Essentials

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  • Install and configure KNIME
  • Create KNIME workflows and report templates
  • Import data to KNIME
  • Transform data with KNIME workflows
  • Enhance your data with data from other sources
  • Visualize data using KNIME
  • Generate reports from your data

KNIME is an open source data analytics, reporting, and integration platform, which allows you to analyze a small or large amount of data without having to reach out to programming languages like R.

"KNIME Essentials" teaches you all you need to know to start processing your first data sets using KNIME. It covers topics like installation, data processing, and data visualization including the KNIME reporting features. Data processing forms a fundamental part of KNIME, and KNIME Essentials ensures that you are fully comfortable with this aspect of KNIME before showing you how to visualize this data and generate reports.

"KNIME Essentials" guides you through the process of the installation of KNIME through to the generation of reports based on data. The main parts between these two phases are the data processing and the visualization. The KNIME variants of data analysis concepts are introduced, and after the configuration and installation description comes the data processing which has many options to convert or extend it. Visualization makes it easier to get an overview for parts of the data, while reporting offers a way to summarize them in a nice way.

  • Learn the essentials of KNIME, from importing data to data visualization and reporting
  • Utilize a wide range of data processing solutions
  • Visualize your final data sets using KNIME’s powerful data visualization options
Page Count 148
Course Length 4 hours 26 minutes
ISBN 9781849699211
Date Of Publication 15 Oct 2013


Gábor Bakos

Gábor Bakos is a programmer and a mathematician, having a few years of experience with KNIME and KNIME node development (HiTS nodes and RapidMiner integration for KNIME). In Trinity College, Dublin, the author was helping a research group with his data analysis skills (also had the opportunity to improve those), and with the new KNIME node development. When he worked for the evopro Kft. or the Scriptum Informatika Zrt., he was also working on various data analysis software products. He currently works for his own company, Mind Eratosthenes Kft. (, where he develops the RapidMiner integration for KNIME (, among other things.