Introduction To Data Science Using R Programming [Video]

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  • Learn the core concepts of R programming
  • Learn to visualize data using R.
  • Learn precisely how to import data, organize the data, create charts, graphs and also export data.

Data was once only powerful when it came to making business decisions, but today data plays a more important role and is currently the basis of all modern business functions. This course focuses on helping to breakdown R and the R programming language into simple and easy to understand concepts that cover everything you need to know about how to get started with data science. The course will not only help you learn the R language’s basic syntax, but also the computing environment where you will learn exactly how to import data, organize the data, create charts and graphs, and also export data.
The course will cover topics in-depth such as basic data visualization, advanced data visualization, generating maps using JSON structures, implementation of statistics, data munging/wrangling, data manipulation and so much more!
Let see what this course covers:

  • Basic data visualization
  • Advanced data visualization
  • Generating maps using JSON structures
  • Implementation of statistics
  • Data munging/wrangling
  • Data manipulation - Import/export of data into CSV or Excel format

At the end of this course, you will have mastered exactly how to clean and organize data as well as how to import and export data to R! This is the perfect course for anyone who is looking to make the jump into the world of Data Science.

Style and Approach

The course is designed with a practical approach and easy-to-follow examples to get you a strong start in data science.

  • Implement data science concepts using R
  • Implement statistical models using R
Course Length 6 hours 59 minutes
ISBN 9781789959840
Date Of Publication 19 Dec 2018


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