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  • Correct configuration and installation of Redis
  • Optimize memory usage
  • Detect and troubleshoot performance bottlenecks
  • Use a variety of data types
  • Facilitate high volume writes
  • Carry out transactions with Publish/Subscribe
  • Use SignalR to create a sample application
  • Leverage Azure to scale Redis out into the cloud

The database is the backbone of any application and Redis is a next generation NoSQL database which can provide ultra-fast performance if tuned and calibrated correctly. Instant Redis Optimization How-to will show you how to leverage Redis in your application for greater performance and scalability.

Instant Redis Optimization How-to will show you how to make the most of Redis. Using real-world examples of Redis as a caching and queuing service, you will learn how to install and calibrate Redis to optimize memory usage, read and write speed, as well as bulk writes and transactions. If you want to use Redis for its blazing fast capabilities, then this book is for you.

Instant Redis Optimization How-to shows you how to optimize and scale Redis with practical recipes on installation and calibration for performance and memory optimization as well as advanced features like PUB/SUB.

This book starts by providing clear instructions on how to install and fine-tune Redis to work efficiently in your application stack. You will also learn how to maintain persistence, how to optimize Redis to handle different data types, as well as memory usage optimization. You will then learn how to use bulk writes and transactions, as well as publish/subscribe features to get the most out of Redis.

Offering best practices and troubleshooting tips, this book will also show you how to manage and maintain performance. This book finishes by recommending the best client libraries for all major programming languages. By the end of this book you will know how to create blazing fast applications using Redis.

  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results.
  • Install, fine-tune, and add Redis to your application stack.
  • Perform bulk writes into Redis efficiently
  • Debug and troubleshoot Redis
Page Count 56
Course Length 1 hours 40 minutes
ISBN 9781782164814
Date Of Publication 22 May 2013


Arun Chinnachamy

Arun Chinnachamy is a developer and systems architect who focuses on building software applications. He is a multifaceted programmer who has gained experience in multiple technologies and programming languages over the years, ranging from ADA and C# to PHP.

Currently, he works as the technology head at MySmartPrice, one of the leading online shopping discovery platforms in India.