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  • Install R and its additional packages
  • Create and manipulate objects (vectors, matrices, lists, and data frames)
  • Discover R’s potential in data analysis and data manipulation
  • Learn the use of flow control expressions
  • Debug functions and handle exceptions using R’s exceptional and effective methods
  • Present your data effectively by using graphics, lattice, and ggplot2 packages

R is a versatile cross-platform environment with the power of a programming language and the flexibility of a scripting language. It is extremely powerful in manipulating and visualizing complex databases, performing statistical computations and producing any kind of plot with a very high graphical quality.

Instant R Starter is a practical introduction to the R language and will show you how to use the main functionalities of the environment. It has hands-on instructions on data analysis, data manipulation, and tips and tricks on quickly debugging your programs.

Instant R Starter will provide you with the basis of the uses of R and will set up the starting point for your future advanced development with the R language. After these basic concepts you will learn how to apply them in more advanced programming techniques, like writing complex functions, debugging them, manipulate data and plotting them.

  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results.
  • Basic concepts of the R language
  • Discover tips and tricks for working with R
  • Learn manipulation of R objects to easily customize your code
Page Count 54
Course Length 1 hours 37 minutes
ISBN 9781782163510
Date Of Publication 22 Apr 2013


Donato Teutonico

Donato Teutonico has received his PharmD degree from the University of Turin, Italy, where he specialized in chemical and pharmaceutical technology, and his PhD in pharmaceutical sciences from Paris-South University, France. He has several years of experience in the modeling and simulation of drug effects and clinical trials in industrial and academic settings. Donato has contributed to numerous scientific projects and publications in international journals. In his work, he has been extensively using R for modeling, data analysis, and data visualization.

He is the author of two R packages for pharmacometrics—cts-template and panels-for-pharmacometrics—both of which are available on Google Code. He has also been a reviewer for Packt Publishing and is the author of Instant R Starter, Packt Publishing.