Implementing Qlik Sense

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  • Understand the importance and expectations of a consultant’s role
  • Engage with the customer to understand the ir goals and future objectives
  • Design the optimum architecture, using the best practices for the development and implementation of your projects
  • Ensure successful adoption using real-life examples to make your learning complete
  • Learn about the important stages of a Qlik project’s life cycle

Qlik Sense is a leading platform for business intelligence (BI) solutions. Qlik Sense helps organizations in making informed decisions based on the data they have.

This book will teach you how to effectively use Qlik for optimum customer satisfaction. You will undergo a metamorphosis from a developer to a consultant who is capable of building the most suitable BI solutions for your clients. The book will take you through several business cases – this will give you enough insight to understand the needs of the client clearly and build a BI solution that meets or exceeds their expectations. Starting from the pre-project activities, you will go to the actual execution of the project, the implementation, and even maintenance. This book will give you all the information you need - from the strategy to requirement gathering to implementing BI solutions using Qlik Sense.

The book will empower you to take the right decisions in tricky and diffi cult situations while developing analytics and dashboards.

  • Become a successful Qlik consultant with the help of this insightful guide
  • Build what is in line as well as exceeding your customer’s expectations from your Qlik Sense solutions using this highly practical guide
  • Build result-driven optimized BI solutions using Qlik with the help of industry examples
Page Count 438
Course Length 13 hours 8 minutes
ISBN 9781786460448
Date Of Publication 19 Oct 2017


Ganapati Hegde

Ganapati Hegde is an engineer by background. He carries an overall IT experience of over 16 years. He is very passionate about technology and is always looking out to learn newer technologies.

He started his IT career with SK International where he headed Software Services and worked with myriad of technologies, including programming, databases, IT security, application virtualization, and cloud services. During his stint with SK International, he was involved in lot of integration projects and thus has good knowledge on API/SDK. He was instrumental in setting up practices such as RSA, Citrix, Oracle, and Salesforce.

He is currently working with Predoole Analytics, an award winning Qlik partner in India, in the presales role. He has worked on BI projects in several industry verticals and works closely with customers, helping them in their BI strategies. His experience in other aspects of IT, like application design and development, cloud computing, networking, and IT Security, helps him to design perfect BI solutions. He conducts workshops to increase user awareness and drive adoption.

He works on analysis of unstructured time stamped data and IOT as well, allowing customer to get business insights and help improve efficiency. This is being done with the help of big data platform Khika, which does real time co-relation of log data across sources. This helps customers mitigate risk and help in IT Audit and Compliance.

Ganapati is now working on improving his knowledge of advanced analytics using technologies like R and python.

Kaushik Solanki

Kaushik Solanki is a computer engineer by profession. He is working at Predoole Analytics Pvt Ltd as Qlik Architect & Delivery Manager. He holds overall 9 years of experience working on Qlik technology. His passion is to educate everyone about "Data Literacy" and "Qlik". He loves to spend time on Qlik community to help Qlik developers to learn and excel. He has a great understanding of project delivery right from the business requirement to final implementation. His experience in various domains has helped business to take valuable business decisions.