IBM Cognos 8 Report Studio Cookbook

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  • Learn basic and advanced options around sorting, filtering, and aggregation of data
  • Explore the powerful features of Report Studio—Conditional Formatting, Cascaded Prompts, Master-Detailed queries, and more
  • Achieve real business demands such as dynamic drill-though links, showing tooltips, minimum column width, prompt manipulation, and merged cells
  • Learn to edit reports outside Report Studio using XML editing
  • Develop sophisticated printer friendly reports
  • Overcome tool limitations such as row level formatting, timing report execution, handling missing images, and so on
  • Learn tips on report development time
  • Introduce best practices such as inserting comments, regression testing, and version controlling in your reports
  • Enhance the features of Report Studio by using macros
  • Work with dimensional models (DMRs and Cubes)

Cognos Report Studio is widely used for creating and managing business reports in medium to large companies. It is simple enough for any business analyst, power user, or developer to pick up and start developing basic reports. However, when it comes to developing more sophisticated, fully functional business reports for wider audiences, report authors will need guidance.

This book helps you understand and use all the features provided by Report Studio to generate impressive deliverables. It will take you from being a beginner to a professional report author. It bridges the gap between basic training provided by manuals or trainers and the practical techniques learned over years of practice.

This book covers all the basic and advanced features of Report Authoring. It begins by bringing readers on the same platform and introducing the fundamental features useful across any level of reporting. Then it ascends to advanced techniques and tricks to overcome Studio limitations.Develop excellent reports using dimensional data sources by following best practices that development work requires in Report Studio. You will also learn about editing the report outside the Studio by directly editing the XML specifications.

Provide richness to the user interface by adding JavaScript and HTML tags. The main focus is on the practical use of various powerful features that Report Studio has to offer to suit your business requirements.



  • Learn advanced techniques to produce real-life reports that meet business demands
  • Tricks and hacks for speedy and effortless report development and to overcome tool-based limitations
  • Peek into the best practices used in industry and discern ways to work like a pro
  • Part of Packt's Cookbook series-each recipe is a carefully organized sequence of instructions to complete the task as efficiently as possible
Page Count 272
Course Length 8 hours 9 minutes
ISBN 9781849680349
Date Of Publication 31 May 2010


Abhishek Sanghani

Abhishek Sanghani worked with Cognos 8.x and 10.x for 12 years and delivered countless reporting solutions; he is thoroughly excited to see Cognos 11.x taking a big leap in self-service authoring and dashboard reporting.

Currently, he leads a team of software developers, in a large global financial services company, to deliver analytical applications with dashboards and self-service capabilities. Version 11.x being fairly recent, he is involved in testing it from all aspects to assess when and where to use it in the deliveries . He also tries other products such as QlikView, Tableau, and Micro strategy. He believes such experiences with other products make one’s viewpoint wider, and understanding deeper.

The other technology that interests Abhishek is Micro strategy. He possess advanced skills in TM1, Oracle, Micro strategy, SQL Server, and SSAS.

He also has a book written on IBM Cognos 8 Report Studio, followed by a video course for Cognos 10 Report Studio Fundamentals. Both have been very fulfilling experiences. He believes this could be a natural and organic update of those Report Studio works . Note that this course focuses on the brand new Dashboarding tool.