Hands-On Serverless Deep Learning with TensorFlow and AWS Lambda

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  • Gain practical experience by working hands-on with serverless infrastructures (AWS Lambda)
  • Export and deploy deep learning models using Tensorflow
  • Build a solid base in AWS and its various functions
  • Create a deep learning API using AWS Lambda
  • Look at the AWS API gateway
  • Create deep learning processing pipelines using AWS functions
  • Create deep learning production pipelines using AWS Lambda and AWS Step Function

One of the main problems with deep learning models is finding the right way to deploy them within the company's IT infrastructure. Serverless architecture changes the rules of the game—instead of thinking about cluster management, scalability, and query processing, it allows us to focus specifically on training the model. This book prepares you to use your own custom-trained models with AWS Lambda to achieve a simplified serverless computing approach without spending much time and money. You will use AWS Services to deploy TensorFlow models without spending hours training and deploying them. You'll learn to deploy with serverless infrastructures, create APIs, process pipelines, and more with the tips included in this book.

By the end of the book, you will have implemented your own project that demonstrates how to use AWS Lambda effectively so as to serve your TensorFlow models in the best possible way.

  • Save your time by deploying deep learning models with ease using the AWS serverless infrastructure
  • Get a solid grip on AWS services and use them with TensorFlow for efficient deep learning
  • Includes tips, tricks and best practices on serverless deep learning that you can use in a production environment
Page Count 126
Course Length 3 hours 46 minutes
ISBN 9781838551605
Date Of Publication 31 Jan 2019


Rustem Feyzkhanov

Rustem Feyzkhanov is a machine learning engineer at Instrumental. He works on creating analytical models for the manufacturing industry. He is also passionate about serverless infrastructures and AI deployment. He has ported several packages on AWS Lambda, ranging from TensorFlow/Keras/sklearn for machine learning to PhantomJS/Selenium/WRK for web scraping. One of these apps was featured on the AWS serverless repository's home page.