Hands-On OpenCV 4 with Python [Video]

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  • Get a solid introduction and foundation to Computer Vision
  • Build real-time apps that deal with image and video processing
  • Extract information from images and videos
  • Explore the vastness of deep learning with images and videos
  • Build an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine from scratch
  • Train your own face recognition system
  • Create your own real-time object classifier

The scope of computer vision has been booming in the past few years and it has become a highly sought-after skill. There are tons of real-life problems just waiting to be solved with computer vision. If you want to get your hands dirty with this technology and use it to craft your own, unique solutions, then look no further because this course is made for you!

The course is designed so you'll learn as you develop interesting apps. First you’ll learn to set up your environment, before building five exciting applications. We'll introduce you to all necessary concepts and slowly transition into the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning such as classification and object detection.

This course will not only help you use OpenCV 4 but also apply your computer vision and AI skills to your projects. All you need is a basic working knowledge of Python and you’re good to go!

The code bundle for the video course is available at https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Hands-On-OpenCV-4-with-Python

Style and Approach

The best way to learn something new in programming is to start building as soon as possible and learning the topic as you develop. This is the exact approach we follow in this course. A hands-on, practical approach ensures that the course is never boring and you learn through interactive examples and apps. All the necessary information is conveyed as and when required, with an emphasis on where to apply it in real life.

  • Create impressive applications with the latest OpenCV 4 and Python 3.7
  • Familiarize yourself with advanced machine learning concepts, neural networks, and Deep Learning implementations
  • Harness the power of computer vision with this easy-to-follow guide
Course Length 2 hours 31 minutes
ISBN 9781789618464
Date Of Publication 30 Nov 2018


Sourav Johar

Colibri Digital is a technology consultancy company founded in 2015 by James and Ingrid Cross. The company works to help its clients navigate the rapidly changing and complex world of emerging technologies, with deep expertise in areas such as big data, data science, Machine Learning, and cloud computing.

Over the past few years, they have worked with some of the World's largest and most prestigious companies, including tier 1 investment banks, a leading management consultancy group, and one of the world's most popular soft drinks companies, helping each of them to better make sense of its data, and process it in more intelligent ways.

At the frontier of AI, big data and cloud computing, we are Colibri Digital.

Sourav Johar has over two years' experience with OpenCV and over 3 years' experience coding in Python. He has also developed an open-source library, which is built on top of OpenCV. Along with this, he has developed several Machine Learning and Deep Learning solutions, using OpenCV for video analysis.

As a Computer Vision enthusiast, he completely understands the problems students face. He is very passionate about programming and enjoys making programming tutorials on YouTube. He is currently working for Colibri Digital (@colibri_digital) as an instructor.