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  • Perform repeatable infrastructure deployments using the best practices of Infrastructure as Code
  • Save time and promote infrastructure patterns in your organization by writing reusable Terraform modules
  • Master the Terraform command line for both local development and automated deployments
  • Build complex environments while reducing the blast radius of any changes using atomic Terraform stacks
  • Learn how to work with Terraform as a team
  • Discover how to use Terraform as part of your infrastructure CI/CD pipeline

Infrastructure as Code delivers stable, quick, reliable, and reproducible environments at scale. Terraform is being increasingly used by Cloud Engineers to automate the provisioning of infrastructure across all major infrastructure providers. It treats all infrastructures as code which can be edited, shared, version-controlled, and reused across teams.

This course uses Terraform to reduce time and effort when provisioning infrastructures. You will write infrastructure code to create, change, import, and destroy resources. By following the best practices of Infrastructure as Code, you will quickly get started on your own deployments.

By the end of this course, you will be able to create and maintain complex infrastructure configurations.

The code bundle for this video course is available at-

Style and Approach

Each section introduces several new concepts and puts them immediately into action using practical and easy-to-follow examples. All the source code is available on GitHub and can be used as a foundation for real-world infrastructure deployments. You will also learn how to apply best practices and avoid most common pitfalls while using Terraform.

  • Go from Terraform basics to advanced Infrastructure-as-Code patterns in a single course
  • Each section contains several hands-on tutorials which allow you to immediately put concepts you've learned into action
  • Work with and write Terraform modules to promote infrastructure best practices in your organization
Course Length 3 hours 7 minutes
ISBN 9781789534849
Date Of Publication 28 Sep 2018


Alexander Savchuk

Alexander Savchuk is a Cloud Engineer and AWS Certified Professional from Wellington, New Zealand. He has several years' experience designing and implementing new solutions on the AWS platform. During these years Terraform proved to be an invaluable tool for managing all kinds of infrastructure, from the network and compute layers to databases and monitoring solutions.

Alexander is passionate about immutable infrastructure and building distributed fault-tolerant systems. He specializes in Infrastructure as Code, containerized microservices, and increasing development velocity by building fully automated cloud deployment pipelines. When not wrangling infrastructure in AWS, Alexander enjoys brewing beer and traveling in New Zealand and abroad.