Hands-On Bioinformatics with Python

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  • Learn gene control systems and how a cell works
  • Explore DNA sequencing technologies applied in OMICS analysis
  • Discover the various Python libraries available to read sequence and alignment files
  • Understand the steps involved in RNA sequencing and ChIP sequencing data processing
  • Gain insights into performing single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) prioritization with machine learning methods
  • Learn how to process and visualize genome annotation data
  • Create and manage complex workflows with parallelization
  • Process pathway and ontology information

Bioinformatics is an active research field that uses a range of computations to extract key information from biological data. With this book, you’ll gain insights into collecting, storing, retrieving, manipulating and modeling data for analysis, visualization or prediction using modern libraries from the Python ecosystem.

The book starts off with an introduction to the bioinformatics domain, highlighting the key concepts and terminologies. In the next few sections, you’ll discover DNA sequencing technologies applied in OMICS analysis. You’ll then understand the steps involved in RNA sequencing, ChIP sequencing and metagenomics data processing. Going forward, the book will guide you through performing simple-to-advanced computations to extract valuable information from biological data. With real-world examples, you’ll also learn how to collect, clean and visualize data and perform advanced data analysis and predictions. Further on, you’ll explore workflows in the bioinformatics domain, which will assist you with research. Finally, you’ll learn to implement machine learning techniques to perform efficient bioinformatics analysis on a range of data.

By the end of this book, you’ll understand how bioinformatics is revolutionizing high-performance computing, big data, and machine learning and have the skills you need to effectively analyze bioinformatics data.

  • Gain hands-on experience with carrying out efficient bioinformatics data analysis
  • Analyze biological data of varying complexity using modern libraries from the Python ecosystem
  • Combine theory and practical techniques to solve research problems in bioinformatics and genomics
Page Count 353
Course Length 10 hours 35 minutes
ISBN 9781789340891
Date Of Publication 17 Apr 2020


Juan Caballero

Juan Caballero is a computational biologist exploring genomes. He has experience in mining biological information (genomes, transcriptomes) in plants, yeast, bacteria, mouse and human data. Since 2008, he works in the Institute for Systems Biology.