Hands-On Artificial Intelligence with Java for Beginners

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  • Leverage different Java packages and tools such as Weka, RapidMiner, and Deeplearning4j, among others
  • Build machine learning models using supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques
  • Implement different deep learning algorithms in Deeplearning4j and build applications based on them
  • Study the basics of heuristic searching and genetic programming
  • Differentiate between syntactic and semantic similarity among texts
  • Perform sentiment analysis for effective decision making with LingPipe

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly in demand as well as relevant in the modern world, where everything is driven by technology and data. AI can be used for automating systems or processes to carry out complex tasks and functions in order to achieve optimal performance and productivity.

Hands-On Artificial Intelligence with Java for Beginners begins by introducing you to AI concepts and algorithms. You will learn about various Java-based libraries and frameworks that can be used in implementing AI to build smart applications.

In addition to this, the book teaches you how to implement easy to complex AI tasks, such as genetic programming, heuristic searches, reinforcement learning, neural networks, and segmentation, all with a practical approach.

By the end of this book, you will not only have a solid grasp of AI concepts, but you'll also be able to build your own smart applications for multiple domains.

  • Leverage the power of Java libraries to build smart applications
  • Build and train deep learning models for implementing artificial intelligence
  • Learn various algorithms to automate complex tasks
Page Count 144
Course Length 4 hours 19 minutes
ISBN 9781789537550
Date Of Publication 30 Aug 2018


Nisheeth Joshi

Nisheeth Joshi is an associate professor and a researcher at Banasthali University. He has also done a PhD in Natural Language Processing. He is an expert with the TDIL Program, Department of IT, Government of India, the premier organization overseeing language technology funding and research in India. He has several publications to his name in various journals and conferences, and also serves on the program committees and editorial boards of several conferences and journals.