Hands-On Artificial Intelligence for Blockchain

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  • Understand Hyperledger framework and its components
  • Application of blockchain in healthcare, supply chain, finance, energy
  • Choose neural network like CNN, RNN, autoencoders for applications
  • Apply AI and DL in blockchain dataset using AI algorithms & models
  • Get to grips with AIHPC blockchain capabilities
  • Apply predictive and sentiment analysis, ARIMA in cryptocurrency
  • Develop end to end Decentralized Applications on Ethereum platform

Blockchain provides a distributed database of records which are executed and shared among participating parties. This guide will give you a headstart in knowing the convergence of artificial intelligence and blockchain.

We will start by explaining all the required blockchain concepts such as shared ledgers, distributed ledgers, bitcoin, cryptography and more. You will then understand key concepts of artificial neural networks, machine learning, deep learning with real-world examples. You will bring smart services within a blockchain ecosystem such as classification, regression, image recognition, detection, recommendation & natural language processing. Further familiarising you with different types of Hyperledger framework such as Iroha, Fabric, Sawtooth, Indy, and Burrow. You will then get to grips with open and private intelligent blockchains on Ethereum platform. You will see how the global database will help you in perform better AI analytics, how you can empower blockchain using AI algorithms & models. We will cover AIHPC blockchain capabilities for you. Lastly, you will learn how to compile, secure and deploy your own smart contracts.

By the end of this book, you will be able to build smart AI systems with the clear convergence of blockchain attributes in it.

  • Develop your skills by understanding the implementation of AI in the blockchain
  • A guide to boost your blockchain technologies with research work and use cases
  • Get well-versed with AI-Blockchain ecosystem to build your own smart Dapps
Page Count 225
Course Length 6 hours 45 minutes
ISBN 9781789139563
Date Of Publication 19 Jul 2019


Dr. Manish Kumar Saraf

Dr. Manish Kumar Saraf is an Artificial Intelligence expert. He has immense knowledge of digital transformation, deep learning, and blockchain. He engages himself in the process of ideation, strategic planning, project designing and generation of business with the client, partners, and collaborators. He has been playing multiple roles as a subject matter expert, chief data scientist, solution architect, scientist, Asst. professor in last 10+ years in different companies/institutes. He is also a founder of a startup company i.e. DataBrain. He consults the companies and clients to find out the answer to their business problems (data transformation to data monetization) based on AI and Blockchain.

Achievements: 9 awards, two media coverage, blogs, and more than 20 outstanding publications
Domain: Healthcare, stock market, currency, commodities, finance, banks, insurance, energy, supply chain
AI: ANN, RNN, CNN, KNN, Autencoder;
AlexNet, GoogLeNet, Caffe, Inception, CV etc
Image recognition, Audio and Video deep learning, NLP, churn, ARIMA etc
Blockchain: Distributed ledger technology, Smart Contract, Dapp