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  • Learn about big data and Hadoop fundamentals including practical finance use cases
  • Walk through Hadoop-based finance projects with explanations of solutions, big data governance, and how to sustain Hadoop momentum
  • Develop a range of solutions for small to large-scale data projects on the Hadoop platform
  • Learn how to process big data in the cloud
  • Present practical business cases to management to scale up existing platforms at enterprise level

With the exponential growth of data and many enterprises crunching more and more data every day, Hadoop as a data platform has gained a lot of popularity. Financial businesses want to minimize risks and maximize opportunities, and Hadoop, largely dominating the big data market, plays a major role.

This book will get you started with the fundamentals of big data and Hadoop, enabling you to get to grips with solutions to many top financial big data use cases including regulatory projects and fraud detection. It is packed with industry references and code templates, and is designed to walk you through a wide range of Hadoop components.

By the end of the book, you'll understand a few industry leading architecture patterns, big data governance, tips, best practices, and standards to successfully develop your own Hadoop based solution.

  • Explore practical big data use cases for banking, financial services, and the insurance sector to build your own financial models
  • Develop solutions for small- and large-scale data projects on the Hadoop platform
  • Get hands-on experience with various Hadoop tools for better insights into both risks and opportunities
Page Count 168
Course Length 5 hours 2 minutes
ISBN 9781784395162
Date Of Publication 29 Apr 2015


Rajiv Tiwari

Rajiv Tiwari is a hands-on freelance big data architect with over 15 years of experience across big data, data analytics, data governance, data architecture, data cleansing / data integration, data warehousing, and business intelligence for banks and other financial organizations.

He is an electronics engineering graduate from IIT, Varanasi, and has been working in England for the past 10 years, mostly in the financial city of London, UK.

He has been using Hadoop since 2010, when Hadoop was in its infancy with regards to the banking sector.

He is currently helping a tier 1 investment bank implement a large risk analytics project on the Hadoop platform.

Rajiv can be contacted on his website at or on Twitter at @bigdataoncloud.