Graph Analysis with Java [Video]

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  • Get well versed with the basics of Graph Analysis with Java and track your data in graph form
  • Track relationships between entities and identify associations, clusters, and patterns
  • Work with graphical databases and create a basic graph using the Tinkerpop framework
  • View and interact with your graphs and perform certain analysis, like network detection or identifying commonalities
  • Explore the art of email parsing and email communication graphing

Graph analysis helps you track relationships between data points to identify associations, clusters, and patterns. This video course will begin by understanding how to track data in graph form so that you can take advantage of these techniques and understand the various graph database components. You will also learn how to make a basic graph and view, interact with your graphs, and perform analysis like cluster detection and statistical calculations. Towards the end of the video course, you will walk through a real-world graph analysis problem using Java to read your email communications and graph them for cluster detection.

Style and Approach

This video course will help you to ensure that you track relationships in your data in a graphical form in a step-by-step manner. 

  • Get your hands dirty with some real-world graph analysis examples
  • Understand various graph database components
  • A comprehensive video tutorial which will help you to get your basics right for analyzing data in the form of graphs.
Course Length 1 hour 11 minutes
ISBN 9781788397773
Date Of Publication 7 Dec 2017


Erik Costlow

Erik Costlow ran Oracle’s Java Root Certificate program, coordinating efforts with many cryptographic organizations. He is an experienced software security expert focused on program analysis and runtime instrumentation to detect security issues and provide useful guidance on fixing any security issues.