Google Cloud Spanner Essentials [Video]

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  • Set up Spanner using different tools in GCP
  • Implement global consistency and scalability for distributed DBs
  • Perform operational task with Google Cloud Spanner with efficient queries
  • Explore different Cloud Spanner use cases of Cloud spanner and comparison compare them with other DBs
  • Database The database consistency/scalability paradox and how Cloud Spanner breaks it
  • Implementing data on the fly schema dynamics 
  • Increase performance and efficiency- tuning on a Cloud Spanner instance
  • Data modeling and indexes for best performance in Cloud Spanner
  • In-depth working with data loading, SQL queries, and functions used in Spanner

Google Cloud Spanner is another solution for developers and organizations who have hit the limits of traditional relational databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and others. If you're a developer who would like to have accurate, consistent and real time global data for making decisions, avoid inconsistencies that lead to monetary loss, then this course is for you.

Do you want to resolve consistency and scalability issues and get accurate real-time global data for making decisions? Cloud Spanner makes this possible by creating a global, consistent and a single-source-of-truth data store for your business.

This course will cover the fundamentals of Cloud Spanner and setting it up step by step for operational database workloads by efficiently loading and querying relational data. It also covers modeling tables, indexes and tools with security permissions for best performance in Cloud Spanner.

By the end of this course, users will have a hands-on exposure to use spanner to setup and use their operational databases to utilize the efficiency of cloud.

The codes files to this course is stored on this github link:

Style and Approach

A step by step practical guide for efficient modeling of your databases using the power of Spanner’s features

This course introduces the concepts of Cloud Spanner and an introduction to solutions development with a step by step hands-on practice. This approach is intended to make the student aware of the significant concepts of Cloud Spanner and provide enough experience in implementing these concepts so he/she may complete this course and feel comfortable enough with the tools and technologies to begin using them immediately in real-world practice.

  • Get up to speed with the world’s first and only relational database which supports high consistency and horizontal scalability
  • Maximize your business’ productivity by focusing on your applications, rather than worrying about your database
  • Reuse existing SQL skills to query data using industry-standard ANSI SQL
Course Length 3 hours 35 minutes
ISBN 9781788295765
Date Of Publication 30 Dec 2018


Asma Aziz

Asma Aziz is an IT professional with 4+ years of experience in Cloud computing and databases. She has been involved with the large-scale migration projects in Telecom industry from native Core systems to highly available private Cloud based network functions . Lately, she has been working on business analysis with a focus on technical solution provisioning to commercial requirements, consumer behavioral modeling, analytics and visualizations. She likes learning and implementing new and interesting things and recently has been delving into analytics solutions.