Getting Started with QlikView [Video]

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  • Build robust data models and overcome common modeling challenges
  • Discover the techniques and best practices to transform data in QlikView via scripts
  • Load data from disparate sources to build an associative Data Model
  • Understand important changes made in QlikView 12
  • Present performance measures with charts and tables
  • Find out how to use dimensions and expressions in QlikView objects

QlikView is one of the most flexible and powerful Business Intelligence platforms around. If you want to build data into your organization, build it around QlikView. Don't get caught in the gap between data and knowledge—find out how QlikView can help you unlock insights and data potential with ease.

Whether you're new to QlikView or want to get up to speed with the features and functionality of QlikView, this course starts at a basic level and delves more deeply to demonstrate how to make QlikView work for you, and make it meet the needs of your organization. Using a real-world use case to highlight the extensive impact of effective business analytics, this course might well be your silver bullet for success.

This is a superb hands-on guide to get you started by exploring the fundamentals of QlikView before learning how to successfully implement it, technically and strategically. You'll learn valuable tips, tricks, and insightful information on loading different types of data into QlikView, and how to model it effectively.You will also learn how to write useful scripts for QlikView to handle potentially complex data transformations in a way that is simple and elegant.

Style and Approach

This course will help you learn QlikView Development from a basic to a practitioner level using a step-by-step approach. It is smartly built around a practical case study—HighCloud Airlines—so you gain an in-depth understanding of how to build applications for Business Intelligence using QlikView.

  • Get hands-on with QlikView by building a QlikView document
  • Load and extract data using the built-in wizards
  • Style and add interactivity to your QlikView documents
  • Manipulate data and control the flow of the script
Course Length 4 hours 05 minutes
ISBN 9781788991520
Date Of Publication 29 Dec 2017