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ElasticSearch Server

Rafał Kuć, Marek Rogoziński

Whether you’re experienced in search servers or a newcomer, this book empowers you to get to grips with the speed and flexibility of ElasticSearch. A reader-friendly approach, including lots of hands-on examples, makes learning a pleasure.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849518444
Paperback318 pages

About This Book

  • Learn the basics of ElasticSearch like data indexing, analysis, and dynamic mapping
  • Query and filter ElasticSearch for more accurate and precise search results
  • Learn how to monitor and manage ElasticSearch clusters and troubleshoot any problems that arise

Who This Book Is For

This book is written for developers who wish to leverage ElasticSearch to create a fast and flexible search solution. If you are looking to learn ElasticSearch or become more proficient then this book is for you. You do not need know anything about ElasticSeach, Java, or Apache Lucene in order to use this book, though basic knowledge about databases and queries is required.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started with ElasticSearch Cluster
What is ElasticSearch?
Installing and configuring your cluster
Directory structure
Configuring ElasticSearch
Running ElasticSearch
Shutting down ElasticSearch
Running ElasticSearch as a system service
Data manipulation with REST API
Manual index creation and mappings configuration
Dynamic mappings and templates
When routing does matter
Index aliasing and simplifying your everyday work using it
Chapter 2: Searching Your Data
Understanding the querying and indexing process
Querying ElasticSearch
Basic queries
Filtering your results
Compound queries
Sorting data
Using scripts
Chapter 3: Extending Your Structure and Search
Indexing data that is not flat
Extending your index structure with additional internal information
Handling files
Chapter 4: Make Your Search Better
Why this document was found
Influencing scores with query boosts
When does index-time boosting make sense
The words having the same meaning
Searching content in different languages
Using span queries
Chapter 5: Combining Indexing, Analysis, and Search
Indexing tree-like structures
Modifying your index structure with the update API
Using nested objects
Using parent-child relationships
Fetching data from other systems: river
Batch indexing to speed up your indexing process
Chapter 6: Beyond Searching
More like this
Chapter 7: Administrating Your Cluster
Monitoring your cluster state and health
Controlling shard and replica allocation
Tools for instance and cluster state diagnosis
Your ElasticSearch time machine
Node discovery
ElasticSearch plugins
Chapter 8: Dealing with Problems
Why is the result on later pages slow
Controlling cluster rebalancing
Validating your queries
Warming up

What You Will Learn

  • Configuration and creation of an ElasticSearch Index
  • Using ElasticSearch query DSL to make all kinds of queries
  • Efficient and precise use of filters without loss of performance
  • Implementing the autocomplete functionality
  • Highlight data and geographical search information for better results
  • Understand how ElasticSearch returns results and how to validate those results
  • Faceting and “more like this” functionalities to get more from your search and improve your client’s search experience
  • Monitor your cluster state and health by using ElasticSearch API as well as third party monitoring solutions

In Detail

ElasticSearch is an open source search server built on Apache Lucene. It was built to provide a scalable search solution with built-in support for near real-time search and multi-tenancy.

Jumping into the world of ElasticSearch by setting up your own custom cluster, this book will show you how to create a fast, scalable, and flexible search solution. By learning the ins-and-outs of data indexing and analysis, "ElasticSearch Server" will start you on your journey to mastering the powerful capabilities of ElasticSearch. With practical chapters covering how to search data, extend your search, and go deep into cluster administration and search analysis, this book is perfect for those new and experienced with search servers.

In "ElasticSearch Server" you will learn how to revolutionize your website or application with faster, more accurate, and flexible search functionality. Starting with chapters on setting up your own ElasticSearch cluster and searching and extending your search parameters you will quickly be able to create a fast, scalable, and completely custom search solution.

Building on your knowledge further you will learn about ElasticSearch’s query API and become confident using powerful filtering and faceting capabilities. You will develop practical knowledge on how to make use of ElasticSearch’s near real-time capabilities and support for multi-tenancy.

Your journey then concludes with chapters that help you monitor and tune your ElasticSearch cluster as well as advanced topics such as shard allocation, gateway configuration, and the discovery module.


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